Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

  As we go about our daily life we are constantly making decisions based on our judgements. The judgements we make are about ourselves, other

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Science and Hypnotherapy

 What Can be Treated with Hypnotherapy My wife Mary and I run our own private Hypnotherapy Practice in Peel, Isle of Man where we employ

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The Purpose of Pain and Suffering

Faulty Self-Concept People usually do not enter psychotherapy with the goal of changing their perception of self. On the contrary most people who enter psychotherapy

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Purpose of suffering

Why Suffering?

  The power of belief Our expectations are determined by what we believe. What we believe about life and the world around us influences what

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Hypnosis to Correct Perception

Perceptions are Deceiving The biggest problem facing us today is our incorrect perception of ourselves, of others and the world at large. There is nothing

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Following is a letter I sent to the editor of the Isle of Man Newspapers in response to a newspaper article published in the Isle

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