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As we go about our daily life we are constantly making decisions based on our judgements. The judgements we make are about ourselves, other people and the world at large. How many times have you read and shared a Facebook Post claiming something that you later found out was completely false? How many times have you judged someone based on what you had been told about them to find out later that it was all lies? How many times have you found yourself being blamed for something that you were completely innocent of?

Have a look at the photograph below and become aware of the judgements you automatically make about it.

dog and soldier

Would you be surprised to hear that the picture is of a soldier marching with his dog. All you can see is his rifle and bayonet and his dog’s tail.

When we judge we are comparing what we see with previous similar experiences. The decisions we then make are based on past events rather than what we face in the present. But how can what happened in the past be exactly the same as what is happening now?

One way of breaking this habit is to stop the process before it begins and this is where Hypnotherapy can help. The first step is to be alert to our thoughts which flood our minds as soon as we see something that affects us emotionally. Awareness of the emotion we feel can then be used as a trigger to remind ourselves that this exact thing has never happened before so we cannot compare it to anything from the past. If we then look at what we are seeing with our judgement suspended in Hypnosis and say to ourselves – “I do not know what this means. Nothing I see means anything. I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me” – has the effect of grounding us in the present and open to a new way of thinking.

Every time we open our minds to new ways of thinking we limit the power of perception to keep us trapped in the past and we avoid falling into the trap of making up false meaning for what we experience.

We are all too cavalier and tolerant of our wandering minds. Hypnotherapy helps you to focus your mind, your thoughts to free yourself from living your life through the eyes of the five-year-old you! Analytical Hypnotherapy journeys through your past to experience the incidents and conditionings which trigger non-productive action today. It is indeed a journey to the destination called ‘Independence and Freedom’!

Hypnotherapy to Change Self Perception by Xavier and Mary Nathan

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