Whales and Mermaids – Hypnotherapy to Change Self Perception

Hypnosis to secure body confidence
Hypnosis to secure body confidence
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 Perception is not truth

Our eyes see light. In the absence of light there is only darkness. It is what our brains do with the light and darkness we see that gives rise to the images we perceive. This is why perception is not truth. Perception is an interpretation of the light entering our eyes. We make up the meaning for everything we “see” and call it truth. This is why no two people can share the same ‘reality’. People can share meaning but the meaning we share has nothing to do with the truth.

The more lacking a person is in self-confidence the more susceptible she is to believing what other people label as true. Our reality, or what we believe to be true, is therefore determined by a handful of confident people and the rest of us give their opinions such weight that our society is based on these opinions.

Help is at hand

How ridiculous and insane is the situation we  find ourselves in when the colour of a man’s skin, or the size of a person’s body has meaning. It is like looking at blank sheet of paper and labelling it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The labels we attach to ourselves and others are meaningless except for the meaning we make up in our own heads. Hypnotherapy as practised at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man teaches people how to reclaim the power of their own minds to make their own choices about what to believe is true so that the labels they make up and attach to themselves are actually good for them and are not the labels given to them by others from the past. Analytical Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to regain your self confidence so that you are no longer a pawn of other people’s opinions.

Following is a story to illustrate the message in this blog post urging people to reclaim their power of choice:


Mermaid or whale you choose your perception!


Following is YouTube video made by Hypno-Psychotherapists Xavier and Mary Nathan explaining how Hypnotherapy can be used to correct negative self perception:

Because you’re worth it!

To book a free consultation to find out what is involved please call Xavier or Mary, depending on whether you would be more comfortable speaking to a male or female therapist, on Tel: 842938

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