Hypnotherapy to Correct Negative Self Perception

Hypnosis used to correct negative self perception
Hypnosis used to correct negative self perception
Perception is not Truth

Using Hypnotherapy to Correct Self-Perception

As humans, the way we interact with the world and the people around us is based on how we interpret the things we say, hear, and feel. This process is called perception, and while it is an important part of human living, it may also be very dangerous. Perception becomes dangerous when people fail to recognise that even though it feels like “knowing”, it is not the same thing; because you perceive something … doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Consider this: as a child, you were chased and bitten by a dog. From then on, whenever you see a dog, your eyes send electrical impulses to your brain and your brain interprets it. This process is instantaneous and your brain immediately tells you “danger”. Does this mean that all dogs are dangerous? No, that is just your perception, based on sentiments and past experiences. In truth, most of our days are spent judging and criticising and while this is not a problem per se, it becomes a problem when we fail to separate truth from perception.

The Price of Wrong Perception

As mentioned above, perceiving something is not the same as knowing it to be true. However, when you choose to believe that what you perceive is the absolute reality without questioning it, problems will surely follow. Most of the pain and suffering people face in their daily lives are as a result of wrong perceptions, and the reluctance to change those perceptions is what causes the problems.

For example, a man who is facing some challenges with his work and his marriage convinces himself that he has nothing to live for. He falls into depression and he starts to contemplate hurting himself. Now, does this man really have nothing to live for? Is his life really so worthless that suicide is the solution? Of course not. However, he has convinced himself that his self-perception is true. Now he is in pain and he is suffering from depression, all because he failed to separate perception from reality. In truth, all he needs to do to find freedom is let go of the illusions and the perceptions. This, however, is easier said than done.

How Hypnosis Helps

If your reality is that you’re suffering from a serious illness, it is unlikely that you will accept any ideas that contradict your belief in that illness. Because of this, there can be no change. To address the illness, your best recourse is to suspend your judgment and give yourself the opportunity to entertain new beliefs. Hypnosis gives you a medium through which you can do that.

Hypnosis enables you to suspend your judgment to a certain degree so that you can entertain alternative perceptions, some of which may contradict the notion of your illness. In hypnosis, you take control of how you perceive reality and therefore, you are free to choose how you perceive your problem.

Hypnosis to Facilitate Change

During the course of our work at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, we have come across several clients who ask us to take away their pain. You see, they do not understand that the pain was brought about by their wrong perceptions and that the power to remove the pain lies with them—it lies in their willingness to open up their minds to change. Rather than do this, they regard hypnotherapists as magicians and ask us to remove their pain while they are “down under”. Ironically, this misconception of hypnosis was gotten from stage shows and entertainers. These “tricksters” give the impression that they are controlling people and the audience believe this to be true. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In hypnosis, nobody controls you; as a matter of fact, you are in more control at that time than you are at any other time in your life. To be clear: during hypnosis your mind is free, and you can consider ideas that you would normally never entertain. During hypnosis, you can change your perceptions and lose your pain.

At Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man, we encourage self-hypnosis and we urge all our patients to master the process. That way, while going through hypnotherapy sessions with us, the patient already has the right mindset and they can more easily access their subconscious.

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