The Three Windows of Perception: Past, Present and Future

Past Present and Future and Perception
Past Present and Future and Perception
Art Credit to: Shadow of a Shadow
by Daria Oprea

The three windows available to us to view the world, our experiences and ourselves:

  1. The window to the Past
  2. The window to the Present
  3. The window to the Future

We spend most of our lives looking through the windows to the Past and Future and almost no time at all looking through the Present window.

From a very early age we are taught about the importance of learning from our mistakes in order to have a happy future. We then reference everything we experience in the now by how we dealt with a similar experience in the past. By doing this we bring the past into our present so nothing changes!

The power to change anything lies in the present but if we are not present then we miss the opportunities presented to us in the now as we repeat the past.

If we are not busy keeping ourselves stuck in the past we are worrying about the future. Will I pass my test? Will I have enough money to pay the mortgage? Will my father survive the operation?

Worry is our way of handling the feeling of fear and dread. Our brains kick in to thinking worrying thoughts when we refuse to feel the feeling of fear in the present.

The worrying thoughts then start an never ending cycle of feelings of dread by fuelling the fear with these thoughts. Worrying is the fuel and fear is the feeling and in this way we create a mind-set that keeps us stuck looking through the window to a future that never arrives but is always dreaded.

The reason why Hypnotherapy is so successful in treating conditions that keep people stuck regretting the past or dreading the future is that it equips the individual to deal with the feelings in the present.

As a child you may have experienced things that made you feel awful, so awful that you just could not deal with those feelings then. So what did you do? You stored them in your subconscious to be dealt with when you developed the emotional resources to do so. The symptoms you are experiencing now are your subconscious reminding you that there is unfinished business awaiting you.

The therapy you can expect to receive at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel guides you to where you have buried those feelings and affords you the opportunity to resolve those issues safely in the present. The experience then sets off a chain reaction which results in you regaining your personal power, confidence and ability to choose without being a slave to your past or wary of the future.

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