Why Suffering?

Purpose of suffering
Purpose of suffering
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The power of belief

Our expectations are determined by what we believe. What we believe about life and the world around us influences what we expect to happen to us and others. It is our belief systems that determine how we perceive people. It is our belief systems that determine how we perceive situations and experiences. At a subconscious level we learn how to react to people and situations and we make decisions regarding our behaviour and condition in order to fit our belief systems. The adjustments made at the subconscious level can result in symptoms we call allergies, disease or illness and behaviours we call compulsive, addictive or destructive. This all happens below our consciousness so we are unaware of these developments until we start to experience the results of these decisions taken at the subconscious level. At the subconscious level symptoms and behaviour patterns are chosen with our best interests and highest good in mind but these very decisions may well be responsible for feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness we might feel right now.

Karmic constraints

The decisions made at the subconscious level are made within the constraints of the belief systems we cling to and in order to affect change then it is necessary for us to loosen those constraints and open ourselves to seeing life and the world from a wider variety of perspectives. The degree of our happiness is governed largely by our capacity to let go of any belief that results in causing us pain or unhappiness. This is, however, more easily said than done because the beliefs that we hold are developed over many lifetimes.

Pain and suffering have a purpose

Unhappiness and pain have a purpose in that without them we would never question our perceptions. Pain and unhappiness are merely reminders for us not to get too comfortable with our perceptions because they are not real. Our purpose here is to discover the truth of who we really are through the veil of the belief systems we use to define ourselves.

Many are unwilling to heed the reminders and remain slaves to their beliefs imagining that the pain and unhappiness they experience are outside their control. It is the willingness to change and embrace the adventure of life, the way a child experiences things for the first time, without any preconceived ideas, criticisms or judgments.  All the while trusting in that higher consciousness, within each of us, for our guidance and inner security …  then we start to ensure our peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Hypno-Psychotherapy at Setanta Clinic in Peel

Hypno-Psychotherapy is a journey within through layer after layer of beliefs that block us from seeing who we truly are and preventing us from achieving our destiny. You don’t have to suffer from a mental disorder or disease to undergo Hypno-Psychotherapy and everyone who has undergone the treatment has reported only the most positive results. If you are interested in learning about the mind and how to navigate the subconscious to in order to release anything that may be blocking your personal development and self realization then Hypno-Psychotherapy may be for you.

If you live in the Isle of Man and would like to learn more then call Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel on 842938 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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