Techniques to Relax and Eliminate Stress

hypnosis for stress relief

The purpose of this article is to empower people to reclaim their mental calmness, composure, evenness of temper, especially in difficult situations. 

The article will explain what stress is, in layman’s terms, and how to resolve it.

1. Stress demystified

People feel that they have no choice but to live with stress in their very busy lives. A more empowering perspective so that you are no longer a victim of stress is to see stress as chemical response in the physical body to perceived threat. It is a primal survival response intended as protection from danger. We have all experienced that fight or flight feeling when exposed to danger and can remember how we felt physically during the experience. Once the danger passed we could take a sigh of relief and get back to our routine.

How emotionally and physically drained we feel after the experience depends on its intensity but the experience does have a draining effect. However, if we were to view the experience as the body filling us with chemicals to elicit the fight or flight response, before we had time to think too much about it, then the aftermath would be the draining of those chemicals from our system. Problems arise when we feel under constant threat and so the chemicals remain in the body and we never get to give that sigh of relief.

2. The Tools

Hypnosis is a quick and natural way to enlist the cooperation of your powerful subconscious mind to eliminate stress in your life and to regain your self confidence. It basically allows you to hack into the hard drive of your mind where all your programs are stored, including the one that governs your response to stress, to tweak it to suit you.

3. Practise makes perfect!

Like when you turn on a light and the darkness disappears, hypnosis is a way to turn on relaxation whenever you want to eliminate stress. Most people associate hypnosis with stage hypnotism for entertainment and never see it as a powerful healing tool for the mind. Everyone experiences hypnosis in their daily lives but don’t know that the feeling is hypnosis. Every time a person drives somewhere and can’t remember the journey is an example of hypnosis. Though everyone experiences hypnosis in their daily lives not everyone knows how to activate the feeling deliberately.

Here at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man we teach every client how to hypnotise themselves before they ever start their therapy with us. We do this by asking them to purchase and download an audio we created for this specific purpose. After playing the audio daily for a week each client arrives for their therapy with the ability to relax deeply, at will.

To purchase the audio that teaches you the art of self hypnosis please visit our website shop and download the audio titled Treatment Preparation by Mary Nathan if you would like to hear a female voice or Treatment Preparation by Xavier Nathan if you would prefer a male voice.

If you would like to use Hypnotherapy to deal with the issues that are causing your stress or any other issues with an underlying emotional root cause why not book a free initial consultation?

You can choose a ‘face to face’ or an online consultation, whichever you suits you best.


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