Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Xavier Nathan


For optimal results: Please play this audio using headphones while lying down in bed or sitting in a comfortable armchair where you won’t be disturbed. Play the audio every day in the morning and at night for at least 30 days for the suggestions to take hold in your subconscious mind and as often as you wish thereafter.

Warning: Never play this audio while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your full conscious alertness.

Important: Please note that some files are large and may take up to 20 minutes to download so please be patient.



Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Xavier Nathan £29.99


Audio Description: This audio, by Xavier Nathan, teaches the listener how to achieve the state of hypnosis by listening to it on a daily basis. It is important for clients to listen to this audio before starting treatment in order to get the most from therapy from session

#1. The audio gives the client the experience of hypnosis in the privacy of their own home so the client comes to therapy already able to achieve hypnosis and without any fears or hang ups about the process. Many people report that their original symptoms were alleviated as a result of regularly playing the audio prior to starting treatment and everyone reported definitely feeling more relaxed and a feeling of well-being.

The audio gives the listener an invaluable tool for life in that it teaches the art of relaxation enabling the listener to remain calm and relaxed in situations which once they may have found stressful. The audio works best when played at night in bed while falling asleep and/or in the morning on waking. Passively listening to the audio is all that is required and the subconscious does the rest.

The audio lasts about 45 minutes and can be transferred to an iPhone, MP3 player, electronic alarm clock or any such device. The audio would be ideal for someone who wished to learn how to relax or for someone to experience the feeling of hypnosis if they are considering embarking on a course of hypnotherapy to resolve a problem. The audio would also be an ideal tool for someone studying to be a hypnotherapist, or for a qualified hypnotherapist to prepare clients for therapy.

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