You Attract What You Think About Most

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Microsoft office ImageThe Universe wants to give you everything you desire. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING and this includes material possessions, things you want to do and even the way you want to be. So if you want to be rich, if you want a new car, if you want that promotion, if you want to find your perfect partner, the Universe wants to make your wishes come true. You might then ask why don’t you already have all the things you desire if the Universe wants you to have them? The problem is you were given free will. The Universe cannot give you what you say you want when you live as if you do not want what you ask for. It is like saying one thing and meaning another. You have to mean what you say and do what you mean for the Universe to comply. You must make the effort to understand the laws that govern our existence if you are to use those same laws to enhance your life. It is not a coincidence that one man is rich and another is poor. There are no coincidences in life. We create what we have and if you don’t like what you have then you must endeavour to understand how you created what you have in the first place and let go of your victim mentality. You are in charge and you have always been in charge of what you have, what you do and what you are. You just never realised how you created it all.

The thoughts that enter your mind are like birds that fly across the sky. You can choose to follow Microsoft Office Imagethe trajectory of any thought that crosses the sky of your mind and by the same token you also have the choice not to follow a thought. Some thoughts when followed lead to feelings of sadness, anger and fear. It is like getting on a bus to go to a place you know you don’t like. Why get on the bus in the first place and why keep taking the bus to the same horrible destination? You and only you can choose your thoughts. There is nobody else inside you telling you what to think. The thoughts you choose to dwell upon affect your feelings and it is your feelings that attract the people and circumstances that create what you have. If you dwell on sad miserable thoughts then the destination will always be sadness and misery. If you choose to dwell on happy thoughts then you will feel happy. This is a basic law of the Universe but one that seems to get missed by the majority of people nowadays who would prefer to believe in some power outside themselves to blame for their misery and hardship.

Microsoft office ImageSo when someone annoys you or upsets you you have the free will to choose how to think about that. You can choose to give your power away and allow your thoughts to be hijacked by the person who upset or annoyed you. By doing this you are attracting even more upset and annoyance but most people just keep going like the hamster on the treadmill behaving as if they had no choice. By choosing to think positively about anything that happens you are in affect reclaiming your power of choice and you are no longer a victim. If you choose to think positively then you attract positive results and get what you desire. You get back what you give out. It is as simple as that!

There is effort required to break old habits. You have spent your life being led by the nose by thoughts that have made you feel bad and you never realised that you had a choice. To break this habit you must develop a new habit. Think about all the things you love. Not just material things, think also of the things you love doing and the things you love being. Keep your mind occupied by everything you love and then only speak about the things you love. If you do this you are making an effort to change the old patterns and you are choosing to take responsibility for your life and your happiness.

Every morning first thing before you get out of bed set the wheels of positive thought in motion by choosing to think about things you love. Use every excuse to talk about what you love throughout your day. Rather than join in conversations that involve speaking badly of another compliment your colleagues at work at every opportunity and deliberately find things about them to compliment. Love your ability to change, love your awareness of how lucky you are, love the clothes you wear, love the food you eat simply find excuses to think and speak about what you love and before you know it you will be attracting into your life all the best things in life and more because the Universe responds to love quicker than it does to anything else in this world.

You are the miracle in your own life.  All you have to do to reclaim your happiness is wake up from your self imposed sleep and take charge of your life by choosing happy thoughts to dwell upon. Your thoughts affect your feelings and it is your feelings that are heard by the Universe. If you spend most of your day feeling sad then that is what the Universe hears that you want and it goes out of its way to pile on even more sadness and misery. Feel what you want and trust the Universe to give you what you feel. Seen in this light doesn’t it make sense to deliberately choose to feel happy?

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