Why Hypnotherapy is so Effective in Treating Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Insomnia

Artwork credit to: Cameron Gray
Artwork credit to: Cameron Gray
Artwork credit to: Cameron Gray

Advice given from a high horse is seldom heeded

It is very easy for a person who is happy and who has everything going for himself to tell an unhappy person that being miserable is a choice and it can be counteracted by choosing to entertain happier thoughts. The state of mind of the unhappy person does not lend itself to hearing such advice and the unhappy person will more than likely not listen to anything more the happy person has to say.

Dwelling on unhappy thoughts will inevitably make you feel unhappy and it is these feelings that then attract experiences to make you even more miserable which could result in depression. The further down you are in this downward spiral the harder it becomes to choose to entertain ideas other than those that create even more misery for yourself. So, regardless of how true it is, telling someone who is depressed that they are choosing to feel the way they do by dwelling on their dark thoughts is actually of little help.

The problem resides behind a heavily guarded subconscious

A person suffering from depression has hit rock bottom and they no longer have any conscious control over how they feel. They understand the psychology but their feelings are not under their conscious control. The programs they run in their minds to keep them feeling the way they do reside in their subconscious and are heavily guarded. In order to delete or change these programs we need to access the subconscious. If we picture the subconscious as an exclusive club then Hypnosis is the means by which we get around the bouncer guarding the door.

Hypnosis is an effective way to access the subconscious and has been used successfully for decades to do just that. It is unfortunate that the word for this process of accessing the subconscious has been negatively associated with stage entertainment as this seems to be the main reason why some people do not see it as the perfect tool to help people out of conditions like depression. If the cause of a problem resides in the subconscious doesn’t it make sense that the therapy to address the condition must seek to resolve it at the subconscious level?

Do you seek to manage the problem or cure it?

Simply talking to someone about their condition is not enough. All the clever explanations and theories cannot get past the heavily guarded subconscious and that is why most talking therapies result in, at best, advising you on how to mange your unhappiness rather than curing it.

Hypno-Psychotherapy, or Analytical Hypnotherapy as it is also called, uses a combination of Hypnosis to access the subconscious and Psychotherapy to deal with the associated negative emotion. This is how we, at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man have continued to successfully treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. Twelve weekly sessions are normally required to permanently cure the condition and positive results are usually noticed even only after a couple of sessions. Why not call us to book a free consultation so we can explain the process in more detail.

If what you have been doing is not working why continue to do it? We are suggesting another way, a way that has worked for countless other people so why not at least read more?

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