What to Expect in Therapy

Transference is very important dynamic in Hypno-Psychotherapy in that it provides the client with the opportunity to address, in the present, a problem from the past.

The problem was buried in the subconscious because the client did not have the emotional resources to deal with it when it occurred in the past.

The therapist provides a safe setting for the client to address the problem and guides the client to its resolution.

If the problem was originally with a parent then the client will unknowingly perceive the therapist in that role and react accordingly. During the course of therapy the client will gradually become aware of the dynamic and realise how the original problem had been influencing his/her relationships with perceived authority figures throughout his/her life.

At the end of therapy the transference ends and client and therapist are released from the roles they played in order to facilitate the change sought by the client.

The client is no longer subconsciously adversely offended by or influenced by past events because the associated negative emotion will have been released in the therapy.

In a nutshell, Hypno-Psychotherapy provides the individual with the opportunity to address the emotional root cause of a physical symptom or condition at source. The symptoms are seen as a metaphor for the underlying root cause and as such serve only to make the client pay attention to what is behind the symptom.

During the course of therapy the therapist facilitates the healing process by providing the client with the opportunity to play out and resolve what he/she was unable to in the past. During the process the client makes the connections, and repressions buried in the subconscious are uncovered. The power they wielded over the client are consciously understood and the client is free.  Emotion is released spontaneously when a repression is uncovered in this way and the desired change is achieved.

Dr Joseph Burgo talks about Transference and what to expect in Therapy

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