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If you agree with the following then our weight loss programme would definitely suit your disposition:

  1. Over eating is a behaviour
  2. You do it for a reason
  3. You learned how to do it and it satisfies an emotional need
  4. There is an emotional need being met from overeating at the subconscious level
  5. When you stop overeating there is a void that needs filling
  6. The behaviour of over eating is triggered by people, situations or feelings or a combination of these
  7. Your behaviour of overeating is no longer under your conscious control and you do it automatically with certain people or in certain situations or when you feel a certain way
  8. You are unable to consciously stop yourself though there may be times when you try to fight the urge to overeat
  9. Your overeating behaviour is satisfying a need and you may now be ready to address that very need that started this behaviour in the first place

Being overweight is a physical symptom of an emotional problem

Your health and well being are your responsibility and nobody else’s. Unless you can accept this basic truth then you are wasting your time calling us. Being overweight is a physical condition with an emotional cause. In other words we are governed by basic rules of the universe and one of these rules is that for every action there is a reaction. If we are unable to resolve an emotional problem and try to bury it then the problem could surface as a physical symptom.

Let’s say a woman has grown to hate her husband and loathes any physical contact with him. For any number of reasons she feels trapped and cannot leave him. She tries to bury the problem but in order to fulfil her desire to be left alone she becomes physically repulsive so she achieves her goal and her husband no longer touches her.

Let’s say a man is abused by an adult when he was a child. The only way the child could protect himself was by becoming big and the fat becomes his armour. His mind has found a way to keep him safe within the fortress of his overweight body. These are two extreme examples of the many emotional reasons a person could have for being overweight. Not every over weight person has been abused or hates their spouse.

It is a mistake to deal with the physical symptom, namely the weight without addressing the underlying emotional cause. This is why most people fail with dieting. When the conscious and subconscious are in competition it is the subconscious that will eventually always win. Your subconscious creates the reaction so it must be at the subconscious level that you address the problem. There is no point deciding to lose weight if that same weight is satisfying a subconscious desire. I have actually turned away people who asked for my help to lose weight when I realised how important their subconscious reason was for having the weight in the first place. Like the case of the woman who became over weight to keep her husband away if she had come to ask for help to resolve her marital problems I would have taken her on. Our weight loss program is an ethical approach to a very complex issue and our success rate reflects that the balanced approach though it may take longer works and is lasting.

In order to address your condition effectively both the root cause of the behaviour and the root cause of symptom needs attention.

The Programme

The programme consists of sessions of Hypnotherapy at the Setanta Clinic in Peel; these sessions are private and confidential. Each client receives a personalised CD which reinforces all the positive changes they wish. This CD must be listened to daily for three months to ensure permanent success.

So that with your conscious mind i.e. planning what to eat and sensible exercise your subconscious mind i.e. listening to your personalised Weight Loss CD you are giving yourself every chance of attaining AND maintaining your desired weight.

Hypnotherapy can help:

  • You develop a new self image, see yourself in the future at your perfect weight and make that your goal.
  • Learn to be more relaxed about food and weight loss.
  • Develop positive thinking about weight, dieting and food.
  • Listen to your personalised CD every day to ensure that your mind and body are working together to achieve this goal.
  • Rejoice in your successes along the way, not by treating yourself to a cake, walking taller, feeling more attractive and having more energy to do those thing that you were unable to do before.

Follow the rules:

  • Listen to your Hypnosis CD every day.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Do SOME exercise every day.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stop eating once you feel full.

With the cooperation of your subconscious mind and conscious mind you WILL achieve your goal and become the person you really want to be.


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