We all collude in the sexualisation of our children!

There is nothing new about using women and sex to sell goods, be it cars, chocolate or music! In fact, the exploitation of women is centuries old. We’ve come a long way though in the last few years and I don’t mean that in a good way! The exploitation of women is now the exploitation of pre-teens and vulnerable adolescents.

Let’s take a look at the music industry for example, and the antics of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to name just two. Each time they are seen in public to promote a song they are upping the antics to outdo each other, to shock, to titillate, to project themselves as super-sexual things …. objects of desire! And that what our young girls wish to emulate.

Of course, the music producers who encourage these young women to behave like wanton whores do not do this for their own titillation, it is not because they enjoy seeing so much baby-like flesh devoid of all bodily hair … no, they do it for the money! Nothing more, nothing less!

They get rich … a few of the girls get rich too and the more money they make the more outrageous they have to be next time!

OK, you may well ask why get so excited … it’s only the few who get to the top. The problem is that younger and younger girls are exposed to this more and more often at the press of a button. Our young girls, many not long out of nappies, are being dressed in provocative clothes, influenced by the likes of Miley and Rihanna. They are being prematurely sexualised by the drip feeding from the music industry which only wants more money.

Parents seem powerless to protect their children from this onslaught. Powerless or ignorant of the dangers? It is not good enough to close our eyes to the fact our daughters are going out half naked and expect them to be safe. It is not good enough to hand them mobile phones or laptops with easy access to the internet and then feign shock when they look at porn.

Our children, some not even in double figures, are watching porn regularly and it is not just boys but girls too. We cannot expect them not to be influenced by what they see. All they see is aggressive sex where the woman is submissive and the man is huge and aggressive! Both sexes are fooled into believing that this is normal and enjoyable… both sexes have worries and anxieties about what they are exposed to but many are afraid to voice their fears or confide in their parents.

The problem is so much greater than just being upset about the sight of half naked girls out and about in our streets every weekend. The problem is that ordinary girls, just like those music performers, are also upping the antics , believing that casual sex is OK and the more you experiment the cooler you are!

This techno-generation are much advanced in the use of computers etc. but as far as human relations are concerned they are very backward. So little time interacting with parents and family …so few meals eaten together without phones in hand … so little time spent talking to a ‘real person’ as opposed to texting and messaging … so little time focusing on a movie or book without the interruption of the mobile has made this generation the ones to have to pay the price. The price being the alienation and sexualisation of our children.

As parents we need to find our voices … step up to the mark for the sake of our children. We do not need to be best FRIENDS with our children but we do need to be the best PARENTS possible. And that involves saying No when we find them in dressing or behaving in ways which are potentially dangerous. It is too late when their innocence is gone … once gone it is gone forever! They need us now more than ever to keep them safe!


Video about sexualisation of children in the media

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