Using Hypnosis to Regain Your Freedom From the Past

hypnosis to resolve the past
hypnosis to resolve the past
Artwork credit to: Abigail Southworth

There is nobody in this world more qualified than you to tell you what is best for you. The problem is many of us have lost the power to hear our inner voice of wisdom. We only hear the external sounds that bombard our senses incessantly and listen only to what we have become accustomed to heeding.

Though we may speak the same language we each attach meaning to the words that only we fully understand. We live inside our heads interpreting everything we experience through our five senses and we do this automatically without thinking.

The meanings and interpretations we place on our experiences are based on our past experiences and this is an unconscious process that serves to keep us trapped in the past and in effect only being able to make choices that are governed by what we experienced in our past.

It is the way we are designed in order to survive what was once a very hostile environment. We no longer live in the stone age and though there is little danger of most of us being attacked and eaten by a wild animal when we leave our homes in the morning to go to work there are other more sinister dangers that lie in wait. The dangers I speak of are the ones we make up in our own heads and which are as real as any wild animal our ancestors had to face on a daily basis.

In order for us to overcome these imaginary fears that exert so much influence over our lives we each need to deliberately practice spending more time outside of our heads and more time living in the present moment appreciating the experience of now as separate from and unique to any experience we have ever had. This is called becoming a child again and this is what Jesus meant when he said : Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Hypnosis is a way to practice disengaging yourself from beliefs based on your past experiences and which gives you the opportunity to entertain new ways of perceiving yourself, others and the world you inhabit. Hypnosis is like a key you can use to release yourself from the prison you create from your past. Hypnosis gives you back the choice to think unhampered by unconscious forces from the past that dominate your present and which prevent you from living the life you consciously desire.

We all experience hypnosis everyday of our lives but it happens naturally and mostly when our minds are in neutral gear like when we are driving, reading a book or watching TV. Most of us are not aware that we can experience hypnosis deliberately and that we can use the feeling of hypnosis to make changes in our lives that we never thought possible.

Daily practising the art of self hypnosis will get you back your inner hearing so that you once again rely on your inner source of wisdom and regain your inner strength and freedom. Become a child again and regain your kingdom using the power of hypnosis.

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