Use Hypnotherapy to believe what you want … if you dare!

FEAR is an illusion

A common belief held by many is that we are soul or spirit inside a body and when the body dies our soul leaves the body and returns to God.

Some people even speak of experience they have had in which they left their body for a period of time while they were still alive. These experiences are called Out of Body Experiences or Astral Projection.

Some people describe experiences they have had outside their body when they were deemed clinically dead for a brief period.  These experiences are called Near Death Experiences.

One thing that can be said about all of these experiences is that like all our experiences we cannot help but interpret them and give them meaning based on our collective past experiences.  The meaning, however, is made up in the mind like all the beliefs we hold and as such have little bearing on truth.

The belief that we are actually outside our body and only believe we inhabit our body is as valid a belief as any a person can hold.  But this belief though gaining more support is still only held by a few.

We are free to believe whatever we want but unless we believe this to be true we remain in a kind of belief prison of our own making.  Few fully realise the power they hold to change whatever they want in their lives by choosing what to believe.

Someone reading this might dismiss such a notion citing some logical argument to justify remaining a captive of their old beliefs but that too, is a choice.

“You can bring horse to water but you can’t make him drink”, is a saying my Grandfather taught me and which very aptly fits the human condition.  Regardless of how much pain and suffering we experience few will allow themselves to be open to change their mind about how they view themselves and the world.  Few fail to realise that their pain and suffering is as a result of the beliefs they cling to and to suggest otherwise is seen as insane.  “Who is the insane one”, I ask?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of reclaiming the power to choose what to believe. It is a key to free you from a mindset that sabotages your personal development. It is safe and because it is without any of the negative side effects of medication more and more General Practitioners are recommending Hypnotherapy as an effective alternative.

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