Treating Phobias at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnosis to resolve irrational fear
Hypnosis to resolve irrational fear
Hypnotherapy to Overcome Fear

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear of something which, in fact, poses very little danger to the sufferer.  A phobia is by its very nature debilitating and may limit a person hugely, restricting job promotion, travel, social life and many other aspects of life.  He or she knows that this fear is illogical but is unable to control the panic and anxiety which, when confronted with the phobia, is completely overwhelming.  The panic and terror is automatic and often prevents people from doing ordinary things they would love to do.The most common phobias are:

• Fear of spiders

• Fear of flying

• Fear of needles

• Fear of  dogs

• Fear of public speaking

• Fear of illness

• Fear of enclosed spaces

• Fear of open spaces

• Fear of heights

This is just a brief list of the most common cases we have treated at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic but in reality people could and do have phobias about anything.

What is the difference between a normal fear and a phobia?

Fear is a useful tool to have because it protects us from/in dangerous situations.  It is an adaptive human response and is there for protective purposes … bring our “fight-or-flight” response into play when needed.  For example, it is normal to feel fear if facing a wild tiger, but should the same fear be experienced when facing a domestic cat? For a person suffering from a cat phobia the same rush of anxiety and fear would catapult them into an immediate state of panic which to a cat lover seems totally irrational or bizarre.

Common Phobia signs and symptoms:

• Palpitations and pounding of heart and increased heart beat

• Dizziness, feeling faint

• Trembling body

• Sweating

• Nausea

• Fear of losing control

• Throat closing up

• Loud noises in ears

Some people suffer from a couple of these symptoms and others suffer them all and more!

How can Hypnotherapy help with phobias?

For simple phobias Suggestion Therapy, which is three sessions, is all that is needed to cure the phobias. However, if the phobia has an emotional root cause then that needs to be explored before the phobia is cured.  If this is the case then Analytical Hypnotherapy is the route we would recommend.  An example of this may be Tokophobia , (to mention just one)… which is a fear of pregnancy and/or giving birth.  If there is an emotional root cause then Suggestion Therapy would be like putting a plaster on an infected wound without cleaning it.  Analytical Therapy requires a minimum of 12 sessions, for more information please look at our webpage explaining the difference between both therapies.

Hypnotherapy lends itself very well to the treatment of phobias in people of all ages.  All it takes is the client choosing to embrace positive changes in his or her life and trusting that all will go well.

Hypnosis for Life Video from YouTube

Following is a video created by Clinical  Hypnotherapists Xavier and Mary Nathan who both own and run their own private Hypnotherapy practice in Peel, in the Isle of Man;  Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic. The video explains explains hypnosis and the role it plays in the therapy they  provide.

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