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If you are someone wondering why everyone else seems to be having such a great life and nothing ever seems to work out well for you then you are probably feeling down as you read this.

You probably sigh a lot, feel frustrated at work and your relationships with friends and loved ones are strained. You probably also feel tired even after a night’s sleep and find it hard to get up in the morning.

Your body posture is telling the world that you are feeling down and your facial expression betrays how you are feeling inside.

Your inner dialogue is always critical, judgemental and keeps going round in circles. You don’t notice people who pass you in the street or in the corridors at work. You don’t notice the beauty of nature all around you because you are stuck inside your head a slave to a mindset that keeps you where you are.

You probably try to make yourself feel better by eating, drinking, working or spending money. You may feel good for a while but you find that no activity results in any permanent change. Activity will only stop the ruminating for a short period and then you are back again inside your head with the thoughts that bring you down and cause you to feel depressed.

Getting Out Of Your Head

Milton Erickson, a famous Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist once treated a patient who was suffering with depression by telling him to count the chimney pots on his way home after his hypnotherapy session. The patient did as Milton Erickson instructed and did feel a lot better when he arrived home. This very simple intervention on the part of Erickson was a deliberate technique employed to change the patient’s mind and in so doing change how he felt. Instead of looking down as he normally did he looked up to count the chimney pots. Instead of sitting alone at home ruminating inside his head he was out meeting people and getting good quality exercise.

By forcing his patient to get out of his head and be present he had broken a spell and this is exactly what happens every time we deliberately get out of our heads and engage with the present. It is by being fully in the present unfettered by our depressing ruminations that we regain the power to choose what to think and in doing so we choose how to feel.

Hypnotherapy to reclaim the Power to Choose

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool reclaiming the power to choose what to think and how to feel. By learning how to deliberately suspend the critical chatter that keeps us stuck inside our heads we regain our personal power and self confidence. By regularly practising self hypnosis it becomes easier and easier to take charge of your thoughts and once again become the director of the movie called This is Your Life!

If you would like to know more about the therapy Mary and I provide here at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man please call us on 842938 to arrange to meet for an informal chat. We also provide a wide range of high quality audio products from our  website shop that we have produced for our own clients and which you could use effectively in the comfort of your own home to initiate those changes you desire in your life.

Video by Xavier and Mary Nathan on Hypnotherapy to Correct Perception

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