Thimerosal in Vaccines

Potentially  Hazardous Vaccines

Most parents want only the best for their children.  They want them to be healthy, happy and safe.  In fact, most parents would fight tooth and nail to protect their children. So imagine handing your precious little one over to the medical profession to be irreversibly damaged!  Hard to imagine that  anyone would do this, yet many parents have and still do this completely oblivious to the fact  that this is exactly what could happen to their baby.

Profit Before Safety

Back in the 1920’s a Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in America began to sell Thimerosal as a preservative for vaccinations.  In order to store lots of vaccinations in one large container without it going off between uses Thimerosal was added.  Aha, so now you may be getting an understanding of what was/is going on!  This was a money saving exercise by the big drug companies.  Now the fact is that Thimerosal contains mercury or ethylmercury and this is the principle agent that kills contaminants. Interesting to note is that, a former FDA official  testified in Alaska court that the Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly concealed the risks of its schizophrenia drug Zyprexa from U.S. regulators in order to increase its profits. The state of Alaska is suing Eli Lilly to recover the money that the state Medicaid system had to pay out in compensation.

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The Deadly Ingredient – Mercury

Even those of us with just a little chemistry knowledge know that mercury is dangerous … very dangerous.   The U.S. Department of Defence classified mercury as a hazardous material that can cause death. It has been shown that mercury accumulated in the brains of primates and other animals after they were injected with vaccines. Mercury poisoning has been linked to cardiovascular disease, autism, seizures, hyperactivity, dyslexia and many other nervous system conditions. If these are the results of tests done on primates then why are our children continuing to be vaccinated with vaccines containing mercury?

Up until 2005 mercury could be found in vaccines given to our babies from birth.  It has now been banned in many countries including the UK.  However, the USA continues to use this deadly chemical in order to save money by increasing the life of the vaccine once opened.

The Flu Jab

The problem now is that mercury is present in many flu jabs  given to the old, sick, and vulnerable children.  The flu jab in question is called Pandemrix. It has been estimated that up to a million children under the age of five have been administered Pandemrix as a vaccine against the flu virus.

Surely it is time we did something to protect our children and those who are old and vulnerable. Many children since the 1920’s have been affected by mercury poisoning administered by those who are employed to protect them.  The ban on Thimerosal in vaccines has been banned for the past 5 to 10 years in many European countries but for thousands perhaps 10’s of thousands this information has come too late.

No Means NO!

Now it is time to take action about the flu jab Pandemrix.  If you know of a child or adult who has the flu jab every winter just  ask the adult or carer to read this or to seek other information to make sure that the medical intervention is safe for that loved and precious one.  All our voices make a gigantic roar to “STOP”!

Following is a video clip explaining how Thimerosal in vaccines and Sodium Fluoride in water has been used to lower the IQ of our children. There seems to be benefits derived by those in power from sedating society.

Following is a link to an article written in HubPages by d.william on a related topic explaining the dangers of genitically modified food that is being promoted by greedy multinationals.

Thwarted Truths and Unbidden Consequences


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