The Phyllis Krystal Method using the Figure 8 to Achieve Freedom from Attachment

Most people now accept that we are much more than physical beings. We have a conscious and a subconscious mind. We have an intellect and we also have emotions.

We use language to communicate our conscious ideas and thoughts to ourselves and to each other but we use a far more complex system to communicate our feelings.

It is not what someone says but what the person feels that is communicated. Eloquent words can never truly mask feelings that are not in harmony with the spoken word. You know when someone is lying to you. You can hear their words but your gut is telling you something different.

Most of what we do in our normal waking lives is subconsciously motivated. A smoker will often find himself smoking and not remember lighting his cigarette. A person driving a car arrives at the destination but doesn’t remember the journey. A person biting her nails will suddenly suddenly realise she is doing so but not remember lifting her hand to her mouth for the purpose of biting her nails.

When we dream we are like scuba divers in the ocean of our subconscious. When we awake in the morning we bring back photographs of our feelings. Each image is a symbol representing a feeling or complex of emotions. Our dreams are an indication of our subconscious communication and our dream images are a way for us to learn the language of our subconscious. Just as we learned how to consciously communicate through language we can learn the language of the subconscious by connecting our dream symbols with the images we bring back with us. Each symbol is personal so that is why it does not make a lot of sense for anyone else to interpret our dreams for us. Our dream symbols are unique so what symbolizes something for you may not symbolize the same thing for someone else.  It is for this reason that  consulting a dream book that tells you the meaning of each symbol you bring back from your dream world is a complete waste of time. There are as many meanings as there are people in the world. You are unique and only you can decipher your own symbols. A therapist can help you learn the language of your dreams but it is not any therapist’s place to interpret your dreams for you.

Having said this, however, there are symbols that are recognised by the collective unconscious. One such symbol is the figure 8. The figure 8 is naturally recognised by each person’s subconscious and is used very effectively to communicate with the subconscious one’s conscious desire to sever unhealthy attachments to people, and addictions. It is no good shouting at the subconscious and demanding it stops you from over eating, smoking, indulging in destructive behaviours. It is no good begging your subconscious to feel good about yourself or to stop seeing your father as cruel and insensitive. Your subconscious does not understand English or any other language you speak. You must learn the language of the subconscious to communicate your wishes. Your subconscious wants to give you whatever you want even if it is bad for you. It simply answers all your requests regardless. The problem is you don’t even know that you are continuously requesting and receiving everything you ask for. There is communication between what you consciously dwell upon and how these thoughts create feelings. It is the intensity of the emotions created by the thoughts you most frequently dwell upon that forms the communication with your subconscious. You use your thoughts and feelings to order what you want in your life but you don’t know you are doing this.

The English psychotherapist, Phyllis Krystal developed a method of communicating with the subconscious for the purpose of freeing the individual from reliance on and attachment to outer symbols of control and/or security. The method involves being guided by our own inner source of wisdom which is available to everyone. Phyllis Krystal has written many books in which she describes her journey in developing the techniques that people all over the world have used with great success. She has given numerous seminars all over Europe showing people how to achieve the freedom they seek. In her book Cutting the Ties that Bind she explains how to use the symbol of the figure 8 to sever our negative attachments to people and anything else that hijacks our personal power and prevents our development as human beings.

In my private practice as a Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist I use the techniques developed by Phyllis Krystal with most of the people who seek my help and have found them invaluable. Using the methods developed by Phyllis Krystal both personally and in my capacity as a therapist has greatly enhanced my life and my effectiveness as a healer of minds.

I have listed all the books written by Phyllis Krystal at the bottom of this article and highly recommend each one for your own personal journey to free yourself from all that holds you back in your life and to truly express who you really are.

If you would like to find out more about this therapy why not call us on 842938 if you live on the Isle of Man and avail of a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.

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In addition two other titles have been published in India:

These books have been translated into many languages, thereby enabling the method to be shared with even more people worldwide.

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