The Benefits of Parts Therapy with Hypnotherapy

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Conflicting Parts

We all have various parts within us … each with its own job and function. For example, there is the worker part of me, the mother part, the wife part, the lazy part, the keep fit part, the healthy eating part and the chocolate loving part of me! As you can see from the above list of parts some of these parts may well be in conflict with other parts, as not all parts play a positive role in our life.

Let’s look at a smoker who comes in to the clinic desperate to stop smoking, s/he has tried to stop many times before and failed. The client reports of that ‘little voice’ egging him on to just have another one, ‘You can give up tomorrow!’. Or the continuous dieter who never loses any weight because s/he starts eating junk by mid-day … every day! In both of the above examples there is a part in the subconscious mind doing a very good job … too good a job!

What is Parts Therapy?

Under Hypnosis, Parts Therapy allows the client to present the conflicting parts which are preventing him from achieving important goals or changes in his life. If we look at the dieter who comes to the clinic for one of our Weight Loss programs, during a Parts Therapy session the client under hypnosis allows the part which is preventing her from losing weight to come forward, to be addressed and to be given the chance to take up a more beneficial role for the client. Hypnosis is used because the client is much more open to Parts Therapy when the analytical mind is relaxed and the subconscious mind is to the fore.

Why Is Parts Therapy Effective?

The client is always in control, the role of the therapist is to guide and ask appropriate questions but not to implant solutions. As the conflicting part emerges it is asked its role and why it is doing the job it does. It is asked when it took up the job and often this will lead to a time when the client was emotionally upset in the past. The work done at this point is of paramount importance in resolving the conflict. Each client discovers the best resolution to the inner conflict and allows the conflicting part to take up a new more positive role which will benefit the client to achieve the desired goal. Parts Therapy empowers the client!

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