Hypnosis for Women

Hypnotherapy for Women

Hypnotherapy for Women’s issues There are many stages women experience throughout their life span, some women sail through each stage from puberty to menopause without

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Treating Grief and Loss

Hypnotherapy for Grief and Loss

Nobody escapes Loss Nobody in this world manages to get through life without experiencing loss in some form or other, whether through death, divorce, breakdown

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Hypnosis to Correct Perception

Perceptions are Deceiving The biggest problem facing us today is our incorrect perception of ourselves, of others and the world at large. There is nothing

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Hypnotherapy for the Menopause

What is the Menopause? The menopause occurs when a woman finishes menstruation, this happens because of the natural decline in testosterone levels in the body.

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Hypnotherapy Costs

Enquiries Most of the enquiries we receive for hypnotherapy are by telephone and e-mail and most of the people who contact us find us through

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Books

Following is a list of books that I highly recommend to people involved in Hypnotherapy whether they are involved as practitioners or clients. Each of these

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