Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy is recommended for most problems which do not have an emotional root cause. It is a highly successful therapy for individuals seeking to change what they perceive to be a bad habit like smoking or to overcome a behaviour like nail biting. It is also very effective in dealing with issues  that are as a result of negative conditioning like being told something so often you believe it.

Hypnosis is effective because it enables the client to access the subconscious where the problem resides and allows the client to enlist the help of the subconscious in resolving it.

When the decision is made to commence treatment the client is asked to purchase and download a specially prepared audio recording titled Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Mary Nathan. The client will be asked to play this recording every day prior to commencing therapy. This ensures the client gets the most out of therapy by preparing the mind for the work ahead.

Suggestion Therapy normally requires three sessions  in order to achieve  lasting change and is not just a ‘quick fix’ that fades away. The first session could take up to two hours because it is devoted completely to preparing the client for the work ahead and the two subsequent sessions each  lasts about one hour.

A Free Introductory Consultation with no obligation is also available for those who wish to meet the therapist and find out first hand what exactly is involved before committing to a course of treatment.

We all have all the answers inside of us and it is the  job of the  therapist to help facilitate the client’s journey to access the  inner mind to reach those answers. The therapy is designed to help you help yourself in the best way possible.

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