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Smoking is something you learned to do. Like everything you learned to do you assigned it to your subconscious mind so you now do it automatically without even having to pay attention while you do it. Just like when you first learned how to drive there was so much for you to have to remember to do you thought you would never be able to master it but now you drive without even thinking about it.

Your body got used to a certain level of nicotine in the blood stream and when the level decreased significantly usually within an hour of smoking your last cigarette the subconscious or inner mind activates the smoking habit and you replenish the nicotine level in your blood. You have trained yourself to maintain this level of nicotine in your blood stream and in order to stop smoking you need to replace the old smoking routine with a healthier alternative.

The new learning will need to be reinforced daily by listening to a CD made especially for this purpose. Each CD is tailor made to suit the individual it was made for.You will be given your personalised CD at the end of the Stop Smoking session and required to listen to your CD daily for a period of no less than 60 days after the session. At the end of this period the new learning will be firmly in place and your natural behaviour as a non-smoker will be automatically activated without you ever having to think about it again.

Free introductory Consultation

A free introductory consultation is given to anyone expressing a sincere desire to stop smoking. This allows you to meet your therapist and find out exactly what is involved and allay any fears or misconceptions you might have. You will be asked to purchase and download the audio “treatment preparation” from the downloads page on our website during this introductory consultation which will teach you self hypnosis and prepare your mind for the treatment. You are required to listen to the CD at least once a day for at least one week prior to returning for the session to stop smoking for good.

Using the power of the inner mind to STOP SMOKING for good!


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