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Xavier & Mary Nathan Hypnotherapists
Xavier & Mary Nathan Hypnotherapists
Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic is not a charity but a business founded on firm moral principles devoted to the furthering of every human beings right to understand themselves and what motivates them to think, say and do the things we do.

We are not in the business of telling you what to think but we are in the business of helping you think for yourself, free of all or any conditioning from the past that prevents you from living a happy fruitful life.

We are in the business of helping you improve your relationships, both professional and personal and help you examine how they reflect your unconscious motivations to manifest your life experiences.

We are in the business of helping you develop your self confidence, self belief and self esteem so that you fully realise what a crucial role you play in this world for yourself, your family, your friends and loved ones. There has never been another you in this world from the beginning of time and there never will be another you. Nobody else is more qualified to be you in this world than you. Realising how much you matter really does make a difference to the way you view your life and your role in it!

We are in the business of furthering the notion that we are not our thoughts, so we are not what we think nor are we what other people think of us. Realising that the thoughts you think are like clouds that we can let float by in the sky and not trains we need to keep boarding is an incredibly liberating feeling and one every one can choose to experience. Realising our freedom to choose whatever we wish to believe can have such a dramatic effect on our lives is nothing less than a miraculous experience.

We are in the business of waking people up to realise the unconscious power behind our lives and to live more mindfully in this world more aware of these subconscious forces in every aspect of our lives.

We are in the business of helping people live responsibly and happy, peaceful lives by appreciating everything we have, everything we do and everything we are.

We are in the business of serving a community we love and appreciate using all our experience and knowledge in a therapy that has helped countless people over the years – Hypnotherapy. We endeavour to be the change we want to see in the world.

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