Repression and Disease

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A baby places no labels on the objects she comes across. A lump of coal holds as much wonder to a child as would a diamond. A child does not assign meaning or value to the object she encounters until taught to do so.

Our parents are usually our first teachers. The value and meaning we place on ourselves, others and things are hugely influenced by our parents. This does not mean that we will accept all of their judgements. This depends on a number of factors and is unique to each individual. We will accept some judgements from Mother and reject others from Father and vice versa. This is why all the children in a family with an alcoholic parent will not become alcoholics.

Later our teachers and peers also influence the value and meaning we place on things including ourselves and others. The meaning a bullied child will place on things will be different to one who is respected and loved.

The meaning we assign not just to things but to our experiences depends on our previous experiences. We compare with the past what we experience in the present and this is how we recreate the past, time and time again. This is all done spontaneously at the subconscious level below the level of our conscious awareness so we have no conscious control over the process and its effect on our lives.

When a person experiences something that she has never experienced before the mind searches for something similar to compare it with in order to ‘make sense’ of it. When the mind cannot find a similar experience, to compare it with, the experience is repressed to be dealt with at a later stage, when we develop the necessary emotional resources to do so. Until then a part of us remains stuck.

This ‘repression’ buried in the subconscious does not stay quiet. We receive reminders for the subconscious letting us know that we have unfinished business. The reminders start quietly but if ignored intensify to a point where we experience physical pain and disease. Most people view these reminders as an inconvenience and tend to turn to medication to suppress the symptoms. There are, however, those who see the physical symptoms as a call from the subconscious to be heeded rather than an inconvenience to be subdued.

Hypno-Psychotherapy serves to heed the call from the subconscious and address the buried repression. By resolving the emotional root cause of a symptom in this way we heal ourselves and that part of us that was stuck is then free to move forward.

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