Panic Attacks

Analytical Hypnotherapy for panic Attacks
Analytical Hypnotherapy for panic Attacks
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What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a period of extreme fear or anxiety.  Its onset is usually sudden and lasts a short time.  During the first attack the sufferer may feel that they are having a heart attack or a complete breakdown. Pain in chest, breathlessness, tightening of throat, sweating, shaking, extreme anxiety in stomach are some physical symptoms experienced.

Once somebody has suffered a panic attack the fear of suffering a similar attack can often bring it on.  A panic attack is said to be one of the most frightening and confusing experiences in a person’s life.

A panic attack may be the symptom of an anxiety disorder.  So to get to the root cause of that anxiety Hypnotherapy may be invaluable.

Many, many people of all ages suffer from panic attacks ranging from children right through to senior citizens.   Of course, the sheer terror caused by the attack forces the sufferer to look at the place and situation where it occurred.  This in itself can lead to phobias which will acerbate the anxiety felt by the sufferer long term.  For example, if a panic attack occurred in a supermarket and, which is often the case, totally unexpectedly, the sufferer may develop a fear of going shopping.  This can branch out into other areas, perhaps church, perhaps theatres or cinemas and then the list may go on.

What help is available?

In the long term finding the root cause of the panic attack will stop a reoccurrence and give the sufferer peace of mind. Analytical Hypnotherapy would be the most effect route to take for adults as this would ensure that the anxiety behind the panic was uncovered.  This may be hidden in the subconscious mind and as such the subconscious mind is the tool used to heal.  If the sufferer is a child or young teenager then Suggestion Therapy would be the course of action which has marvellous results.

A few aids short term


As soon as you feel a panic attack rear its ugly head … start moving!  Walk around … if you are unobserved jump and swing your arms … clap, do whatever you like but get those hormones discharged and even more importantly get those thoughts away from the attack.


You may not feel like smiling but force it … better still … laugh out loud.  You cannot be afraid if you laugh or smile, a smile or laugh has a direct effect on our mood so fake it until you make it!


If you can sing out loud so much the better, if not sing in your mind, Pick a happy song and put on a silly voice if you like, try out different accents.  Just shift your attention away from your body and feelings.

The above may work short term but in the long term the best way forward is to treat mind and body as one for long lasting results.

Video Explaining how to deal with Anxiety and panic Attacks



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