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Apart from running our Hypnotherapy business with Mary Nathan here in the Isle of Man I also am a Mathematics teacher with over 30 years experience.   In case you don’t know of my background as a Mathematics teacher, I taught in the Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel as an SEBD teacher helping children with special needs and have done so since 2002. I also have 30 years experience teaching Mathematics in schools in Japan, UK and Ireland.

One very noticeable aspect of working with children who perceive Mathematics as difficult and beyond them, is that many of their parents also hold this view of the subject. Some students who are capable of gaining A* in a language subject or Art fail in Mathematics. Why? All too often it is the fear and the negative attitude to the subject which holds a student back and has nothing to do with their intelligence!

In providing lessons for adults I am trying to break this cycle of negativity and fear about mathematics. In order to do this I’d like to help parents who are not confident in Mathematics to change their minds about the subject so they can then pass this positive mindset on to their children.

My three daughters  Clara, Rebecca, and Ruth who are accomplished mathematicians also provide Maths tuition to school children up to GCSE level with tremendous success.

As well as providing Maths tuition to school children from my home I would now like to open the door of opportunity to adults who might want to help their children or who might just like to break the negative cycle and further their career or choices in life by studying Mathematics at their own pace with me, from scratch if necessary.

I had such classes in Ireland before I came here and one of my students back there became a Maths teacher! More recently, here on the island,  I tutored a young man who needed Mathematics to become a pilot. He is now a pilot. Who knows, that could be you … if that is what you want!

To find out more about how I might be of service in this area, you can email me xaviernathan@manx.net  or Tel: 01624 842938 842938.



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