New Year Resolution to Stop Smoking using Hypnotherapy

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New Year Resolutions

That time of year is fast approaching when people decide to make their New Year resolutions!  Once again Stop Smoking is on the top five most popular changes people set themselves. Every New Year’s Day cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters are thrown into the bin with great determination as smokers decide “that’s it, no more!”

Within a few days most are back smoking again!

There are a couple of important reasons why this occurs so frequently and the most important one is the fact that the decision to stop smoking is made with the conscious mind while the habit resides largely in the subconscious mind.  This is the main reason why it is so difficult to go “cold turkey”, willpower alone cannot reach the subconscious mind but hypnosis can!

Why choose Hypnosis to stop smoking?

Why hypnosis is top of the list of aids for stopping smoking is because it addresses the habit at the subconscious level. It is also important that the smoker has decided consciously, that s/he really wants to stop smoking. It is this agreement between conscious and subconscious that is vital to the success of this therapy.

Hypnosis is just a state of altered awareness: the conscious mind is relaxed in order to address the subconscious mind and this state is achieved easily and effortlessly provided the smoker wants this to happen.  (Of course, nobody in their right mind is going to come into the clinic to embark on my Stop Smoking Therapy and refuse to go into hypnosis!).

Once learned, smoking becomes a subconscious activity that the smoker does not have to think about while doing it just like reading and walking.  When we were very young we learned how to read by consciously putting sounds together to make up each word, now we read without having to consciously put in any effort because we have taught ourselves to do so.  Smokers have taught themselves to smoke in just the same way, the first cigarettes were horrible, causing nausea and dizziness but after some time those feelings disappeared and the habit of smoking became just part of the smoker’s daily routine.

Mary Nathan’s Personalised Stop Smoking Therapy

Each person who comes into Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic is an individual.  Therefore, my Stop Smoking Therapy is personalised.  Each person coming in has a set of triggers and associations to smoking and these are talked about and dealt with at the conscious level before the subconscious mind is even brought into play.  By tackling a smoker’s set of beliefs about their smoking the client has a chance to decide if these are indeed valid any longer. Many clients believe that smoking relieves stress … with all those poisons and chemicals attacking the body!  Some clients believe that smoking helps them to reduce their appetite and stay slim without considering the obvious alternative of eating healthily to achieve the same result.

Smokers often light up without even thinking about it; their minds are preoccupied with something else.  At the clinic the client is guided to uncover, for themselves, these automatic triggers, which then renders them conscious and open to change.

Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation Audio Recording

This audio recording is very important to our private practice. We recommend anyone seeking our help, regardless of the therapy they seek, to play the recording for at least one week before starting treatment with us. The CD gives the client the experience of hypnosis in the privacy of their own home so the client comes to therapy already able to achieve hypnosis and without any fears or hang ups about the process. Many people report that their original symptoms were alleviated as a result of regularly playing the recording prior to starting treatment and everyone reported definitely feeling more relaxed and a feeling of well being.

The recording gives the listener an invaluable tool for life in that it teaches the art of relaxation enabling the listener to remain calm and relaxed in situations which they once may have found stressful. The recording works best when played at night and in the morning on waking. Passively listening to the recording is all that is required and the subconscious does the rest. The recording lasts about 45 minutes and can be transferred to an iPod, MP3 player, electronic alarm clock or such device. The cost of this audio download is £29.99

Click the following link to Purchase  Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Mary Nathan or Xavier Nathan

The audio would be ideal for someone who wished to learn how to relax or for someone to experience the feeling of hypnosis if they are considering embarking on a course of hypnotherapy to resolve a problem. The recording would also be an ideal tool for someone studying to be a hypnotherapist, or for a qualified hypnotherapist to prepare clients for therapy as we do.

Every client coming for Mary’s Stop Smoking Therapy is asked to play this recording before starting their therapy so if you are considering hypnotherapy as a means to quit smoking then this would be an excellent starting point.

Well formed outcomes

Once the client has worked on the triggers and associations with smoking the changes are decided upon. This is the stage in therapy when agreement is reached consciously and subconsciously and the well formed outcomes are decided upon. What do you want to do instead of smoking?  How do you want to look?  How do you want to feel?  How do you want to exercise? How do you want to spend that extra cash?  All or any of the above are just some of the new decisions the client has a chance to voice and this is why the therapy I provide is so successful.  Each client voices his or her new changes in their own language, their personal choices … this allows the client a better chance of succeeding in becoming a permanent and natural non-smoker.

Personalised Audio Recording

Just as it took time to learn how to drive effortless the non smoking habit needs time to become a permanent and effortless part of your life.  Each client has a personalised Stop Smoking audio made just for them and containing their well formed outcomes and personal choices framed in their own unique language. Each client is recommended to listen to their personalised recording for at least 90 days after session #2.

No two audios are the same because no two clients are the same!  Each audio has a relaxation induction, confidence building, the positive suggestions for stopping smoking and what the clients want to do instead of smoking. The recording also reinforces the healthy choices made by the client in session so that over eating  does not become a substitute for the smoking habit.

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