Misery Begets Misery

You feel what you think
You feel what you think
Misery Begets Misery by Xavier Nathan

The feeling of misery and despair is as a result of habitually thinking thoughts that make you feel miserable and down. It is not consciously obvious to the person in the throes of despair that they are, in fact, responsible for the darkness they find themselves in because it is an unconscious process that is automatically activated on a daily basis. This is why telling depressed people to change the thoughts that keep them stuck will invariable result in resistance and anger directed at you for seeming to blame them for a condition they cannot imagine they have created themselves. The depressed person will even use what you say make themselves feel even more miserable

It is because the habitual negative thinking is triggered at the subconscious level that it would need to be addressed at the subconscious level. Logically approaching the problem is like looking for your keys in the bedroom when in fact you lost them in the kitchen.

It is not our place to judge anyone for feeling miserable because they cannot help it. It is like telling someone to stop smoking if they want better health. The smoking has a purpose and until the purpose is addressed it becomes a battle between the conscious and unconscious mind and in every case the unconscious ultimately wins.

This is where Analytical Hypnotherapy comes into its own because it seeks to uncover the emotional root cause of the condition and resolve it at source. There is always a valid reason for every condition which is consciously inaccessible but with the help of hypnosis may be subconsciously accessed .

One way of tackling the problem is to deliberately seek to break the cycle of the habitual thought process that begets misery by hijacking the mind from the moment of waking with thoughts of gratitude. It is for this reason that we created an audio recording for people suffering in this way to play every morning before they get out of bed and before the negative subconscious trigger can be activated. To purchase and download the audio file click on the following link:

Ten Minute Morning Meditation by Mary Nathan


Ten Minute Morning Meditation by Xavier Nathan

To learn more watch the video, we made, about how we treat conditions like depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia using a combination of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy called Analytical Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Psychotherapy:

Video by Xavier and Mary Nathan explaining Hypno-Psychotherapy

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