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It is the subconscious not the conscious mind that is the creative force in our lives. Most people however are oblivious to the fact that they are constantly creating the lives that they lead. They are imagining themselves separate from everyone and everything around them. They even imagine that there is some force outside of them that has created it all and everything that they experience. They imagine themselves like aliens who have been dropped onto this planet and life is something that happens to them while they are here.

We spend most of our daily lives absent from the present. We are preoccupied with thoughts that hijack our attention and we spend most of our lives in a kind of sleep while we are awake. A good example of this is when a child seeks his father’s attention while  the father is involved in a conversation that has consumed all of his attention. The father talks to the child and says things like “go and play with your friends” or “ask your mother” or “don’t worry everything will be fine, don’t worry about it” or words like this to deflect the child so the father can carry on being somewhere else. This is an example of being absent and we do this all of the time but mostly to ourselves. We are actually absent for most of our lives so the life we imagine as happening to us happens while we are somewhere else unless of course the happening is catastrophic enough to force us to be present like when we get word that our child has been killed in a car accident or the specialist tells you that the tumour he found in your body is malignant or when your wife tells she no longer loves you and she is leaving you.

Most of the thoughts we think amount to nothing and are like monkeys in a tree jumping noisily from branch to branch. Then there are those that hijack the mind and we find ourselves consumed by them. They evoke emotions in us that affect our mood and impact on us physically. We somehow are unaware of this process maybe because it happens so regularly we have come to accept this way of being as the norm and that it has nothing to do with what is happening to us in our lives.

In fact our thoughts have everything to do with what is happening in our lives. The thoughts we allow to consume our attention and which then go on to affect how we feel are responsible for what those feelings then attract into our lives. Our emotions are the attractive force that pulls into our world everyone and everything that reflects those same feelings and emotions. Sadness sucks sadness out of everyone and everything around us so we can experience even more sadness. Anger creates chaos around us igniting the most ordinary situation into a volcanic eruption with the lava consuming everyone and everything in its wake drawing even more anger and chaos to us. We are the ones doing the thinking so we are the ones creating the feelings that cause havoc in our lives and we are the ones who then beat ourselves up when we get what we continue to dwell upon most of the time…conflict, criticism, anger, resentment, poverty, disappointment and the list goes on. We attract people and circumstances to give us more of the same because that is what our feelings draw to us like a magnet and the cycle continues.

The thought you dwell upon is your order to the Amazon.com of the Universe and once you place that order you can be certain that it will arrive unless you cancel it before it gets to the delivery stage. I must emphasise here again that though the thought is ultimately responsible for what you get, the thought is the gun you point and unless you pull the trigger the bullet is not released. It is your emotions and feelings that pull the trigger. If you can cancel the thought before it affects your feelings then you are in effect cancelling the order before it gets to the delivery stage.

You could decide to take charge of your awareness and choose to be present in your life for more of the time. You could choose to dwell upon thoughts that you know will make you feel happy. You could attend to the destructive thoughts as if they were unwelcome guests in the house of your mind and usher them out politely. You could decide to consume your mind with the present and so much so that there would be no room for those unwelcome visitors to get back in.

Our minds are not randomly captured by thought as I have described. We surrender our minds to certain thought forms out of habit and so we now are not even aware we do it. Using force to replace negative thoughts with positive ones is not what I am suggesting because to do so would actually result in the opposite. By focussing on what you don’t want you are giving what you don’t want the attention that then creates the feeling of fear. Fear is the surest way to attract what you are afraid of.

By exercising our free will to choosing what to think as often as we can we make ourselves feel the way we would like to. It is our feelings not the thoughts that actually create our reality. Our feelings come from the subconscious which is the power behind our lives. Our intellect and the conscious mind can only think about feelings but never feel them. People who over compensate intellectually don’t get this and actually never add the most important ingredient to this mix of creation…feelings.

Understanding the dynamic of how we have been unwittingly using the power of attraction to create what we have in our lives all along why would we now not use this same dynamic to create what we truly want? To do this all we would need to do is choose the thought that we know will make us feel the feelings that will attract what we want. Another way of doing this is to access the subconscious using hypnosis and conjure up the feelings that we then attach to suggestions or thoughts that direct those feelings to create what we want. The key is living fully in the present with awareness and being mindful of what we are thinking now!

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