Looks! Looks! Looks!

You attract what you feel

So many people of all ages, male and female, feel unattractive and lack confidence about their looks.  What they fail to realise is that this affects all areas of their lives. The truth is, how you feel about yourself comes across in all your communications, personal and public.  When you feel attractive you communicate this verbally and in your body language and everyone you come into contact with picks this up and they are attracted to YOU.  Unfortunately the opposite happens all too often and this leads to unhappiness and the inability to reach one’s full potential.

Brain washing

There is such a false sense of beauty out there that teenagers are bombarded by such images from morning to night. With such easy access to the internet photos and videos of their favorite models, actors and pop singers these images are in their faces twenty four seven!  Reality TV, too, has such a huge impact on these vulnerable kids with programmes such as America’s Next Top Model and X Factor to name but two. Being stick thin, plucked eyebrowless, dyed and covered in inches of foundation gives the message that this is how they should look, that this is how beauty is achieved.  Children are starving themselves to look like models who have died while still working! Ana Carolina Reston Macan and Isabelle Caro being two of the most famous models/actors who died from the pressures of trying to achieve so called physical perfection!!!.

The following  videos describe what our children often aspire to.

We are all born with natural self esteem

We are all born with confidence; we cry when we are hungry and when we need our nappies changed.  We are all born feeling happy with our bodies and our faces, we all have memories of those times we dressed up as children. How as little girls or little boys we looked into a mirror feeling so happy to be the princess we saw in our reflection or Superman with his flowing cape. So what went wrong? The casual frown on a parent’s face, the inappropriate remark about a physical feature or waist size or shape of teeth, name calling such as ‘Spotty or Four Eyes’ all send messages of lack of beauty deep into the subconscious minds of children.  Children take these ‘subtle’ messages on board where they are then planted like seeds in the subconscious and are there with them forever unless rooted out and replaced with images of self beauty and self love.


Hypnotherapy lends itself very well to accessing the subconscious mind to the rooting out of negative thoughts and feelings you may have about your body. You are not your body, this is a suit you wear and you can choose to see and feel about this suit either positively or negatively.  The choice is ultimately yours and yours alone. We have all met people who walk into a room and fill that room with positivity and confidence … not all are beautiful in the classical sense but what they possess is much more worth aspiring to.  It is inner beauty which comes from loving yourself just the way you are.

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