Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy in the Isle of Man
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy in the Isle of Man
Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic ,Peel, Isle of Man

These days, because of how hypnosis is portrayed in movies and fictional literature, when people hear the word “hypnotherapy”, they think of stage hypnotists taking over people’s minds and getting them to do things against their will. You will be surprised to find that it is nothing close to this. You will be even more shocked to discover that you experience hypnosis in your day-to-day living.

Consider this: you are driving to work, the road is free and the drive is smooth. Before you realise it, your mind wanders off and some minutes later, you find yourself pulling into a parking space with no recollection of the journey. You didn’t fall asleep and you were not unconscious; where were you? You were in the deep recess of your mind, in your subconscious.

Another instance: you are in a boring lecture and you drift off. You are snapped back to reality by the sharp voice of your lecturer calling your name and asking you a question. Yes, you were just hypnotised…by yourself. So if hypnosis isn’t so bad, could it be good? The answer is yes.

Millions of people suffer from over-eating, addiction to alcohol and smoking, anxiety attacks, depression, PTSD etc. and in a bid to be rid of these ailments, they take medicine to treat the symptoms. These treatments work for a while, but in the end, the ailments come back. The reason for this is: they are addressing the conscious and ignoring the subconscious. They are treating the symptoms and ignoring what causes/triggers it. In a battle between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious always wins. No matter how hard you try to consciously stop smoking, until the subconscious reason you’re addicted to smoking is addressed, the addiction cannot be completely eradicated.

Here is how the conscious mind relates to the subconscious: when humans are learning a new activity or adopting a new habit, it requires their full attention. After some time, however, the activity/habit becomes familiar enough to be assigned to the library of the mind, the subconscious. Once in the subconscious, the activity can be done without much concentration or attention. Activities like walking, driving, swimming; and habits like smoking, drinking, over-eating, biting the fingernails etc.

Being bullied as a child could lead to over-eating in a bid to find comfort. Once it is stored in the subconscious, however, eating becomes difficult to stop. Same with being told “you cannot amount to anything” over and over as a child. Once the idea finds root in the subconscious, it will lead to a lack of confidence. Now, such a person can read as many self-help books as possible, but these books only address the conscious. The root cause of the lack of confidence is buried deep in the library of the mind, and with time, it will manifest again.

Hypnosis is the gateway to the library of your mind, and it gives you access to those programs and habits your mind has assigned to the subconscious. Only by accessing the subconscious can you make the necessary changes.

At Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man, we use analytical hypnotherapy to help people with physical and emotional pain. We do not just address the symptom, we find the root cause of the symptom and using both analytical and suggestion therapy, we address it.

All pain may be manifested in the conscious but their causes are buried deep in the subconscious. By using clinical hypnosis, we access the subconscious mind and subsequently, psychotherapy is used to make the changes requested by the patient.

You can visit our website for more information. If you live on the Isle of Man, our clinic is at 18 Derby Road, Peel. Visit us for long-lasting solutions to the following:

1.       Panic Attacks and Anxiety

2.      Depression

3.      Sleeping Difficulty

4.      Post-Traumatic Stress

5.      Lack of Confidence

6.      Fears and Phobias

7.      Smoking

8.     Irritable Bowel etc.


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