Hypnotherapy: What you Should Expect

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Many people who seek our help come to us with the idea that by handing themselves over to us we will put them into an unconscious state from which they miraculously emerge cured. This is an example of a misperception they have made up in their heads about hypnotherapy and which has nothing to do with the therapy we provide. In view of how hypnosis is often portrayed by the media and stage hypnotists it is understandable how some people might form such misperceptions about hypnotherapy. To ensure that you get the most from your hypnotherapy sessions it is important that you take responsibility for your part in the process and be informed about what is involved and what to expect.

 The client is in charge

Hypnotherapy is NOT something done to you but rather a process that you agree to participate in.You are never unconscious during session otherwise you would be unable to communicate vital information to the therapist. In session, you can expect to be feel relaxed to the degree that is comfortable for you and you will be verbally reporting what your subconscious gives you. You are the one in control and it is you who controls the rate at which therapy progresses.

 Trusting the subconscious

Because you have enlisted the help of your subconscious to deal with a problem your subconscious will assist you. The problem is that you may not always be cooperating with your subconscious and this is where the therapist comes in. It may not be obvious to you initially that what you are being shown has anything to do with the problem but as you go with the flow and cooperate with the process the root cause does emerge. When this happens you are guided to deal with it in a way that is agreeable to you and the negative emotion associated with the problem is released. Once this occurs you cannot get it back. This is the reason why Hypno-Psychotherapy is so successful in dealing with conditions which have an emotional root cause and why the cure is permanent.

 Knowing what to expect from  genuine therapy

It is you who does the work in each session and it is the therapists job to keep you on task. If you find yourself being treated by a therapist who talks about him/herself and their own problems then something is wrong. The focus is supposed to be on you but if you find yourself doing all the listening then the roles have been reversed and you would need to question why you are the one paying for the therapy. If you find yourself in such a situation and you do continue therapy with that person then you are either exacerbating the problem you have sought treatment for or you could be creating more problems for yourself.

 Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man you are provided with professional hypnotherapy and psychotherapy services second to none that are governed by a rigorous code of conduct, performance and ethics as laid down by our governing body The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Ireland [ICHP]. We provide a free consultation for anyone who enquires about our services. During this free consultation an assessment is made by the therapist and the appropriate course of therapy is then recommended and treatment involved is explained.

If you live in the Isle of Man and wish to find out more why not call either Xavier or Mary on Tel: 01624 842938 to book a free consultation and we will explain everything to you in person.

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