Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation Audio Downloads

Hyponosis Audio Downloads Tilted 1e

Hyponosis Audio Downloads Tilted 1e
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Analytical Hypnotherapy

Hypno-Psychotherapy is another name for Analytical hypnotherapy or Hypno-Analysis. It is a talking therapy and the therapist relies on the client to report whatever emerges from the subconscious without judgement. The therapy is a combination of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Hypnosis to relax the client to the degree that access is permitted to the subconscious and Psychotherapy to explore its contents and resolve the emotional root cause of the client’s reported symptoms.

 Preparing for Therapy

Every client who undergoes Hypno-Psychotherapy finds their own optimum level of hypnosis and they do this by playing an audio recording specially developed for this task. The recording is titled Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Mary Nathan (female voice) or Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Xavier Nathan ( male voice). We recommend that the audio be played once a day before starting therapy to ensure best results. This means that the client arrives to start therapy already able to achieve their own optimum level of hypnosis so no time is wasted.

This audio recording would benefit any Hypnotherapy Practice and we would encourage fellow professionals to purchase and download these recordings for use with their own clients.

 Preparing specifically for Analytical Hypnotherapy

There is no audio recording which could possibly substitute for live Hypno-Psychotherapy sessions because progress depends on the interaction between client and therapist. However, we have developed an audio recording that can be purchased and downloaded from our website titled Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation by Mary Nathan (female voice) or  by Xavier Nathan ( male voice). This audio recording is designed to help clients cooperate with the subconscious and ensure they get the most from each session with minimum resistance.

I would only recommend that this audio be downloaded for professional use by fully trained Hypno-Psychotherapists.

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