Hypnotherapy to Treat Sleeping Disorders

treating Insomnia


treating Insomnia
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The most common problems we treat

As Hypnotherapists in Private Practice here at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man my wife Mary and I have treated many people who have come to us for a very wide variety of problems. Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia being by far the most common conditions we have been asked to treat.

Last port of call

We found that very often the three conditions are linked in that someone who finds it difficult to sleep at night often exhibits symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Most people who come to us have tried everything and we are usually their last hope. We see this as a positive because by the time they arrive to us they have tried everything that focusses on the symptoms so when we suggest that it is time to treat the person they are more open to this.

Smoke alarm

We often use the analogy of people wanting to turn off a smoke alarm because they can’t bear the noise and we suggest that just turning off the alarm does not put out the fire. We explain that every symptom has an emotional root cause in the subconscious. If a person can’t sleep then there must a very good reason but the problem is that the reason is not available to the conscious mind. We guide people to access the subconscious to bring the underlying root cause of their problem to their conscious awareness so that they can then address the problem and in effect put out the fire. Once the fire is out the alarm goes off.

The cause of each person’s condition is unique

Every person who suffers from insomnia will unearth a different root cause for the condition. In all the years I have treated people suffering from insomnia no two have ever shared the same subconscious reason for the condition. Once the cause is discovered there is usually an emotional release called an abreaction. Someone inexperienced in dealing with abreactions could panic when it happens and this can cause further complications. That is why it is very important to seek the help of an experienced and  fully qualified therapist when choosing to embark on this course of therapy.

Video Explanation of Hypnotherapy by Xavier and Mary

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