Hypnotherapy to Treat Pain

Relieve pain with clinical hypnotherapy
Relieve pain with clinical hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief www.manxhypnosis.com

Hypnoanalgesia is the use of hypnotic suggestion (Suggestion Therapy) to relieve or to completely eliminate acute and chronic pain in patients before a surgical procedure.  Hypnotic analgesia has been used successfully in many clinics, hospitals, burn care centers, and dental clinics. It has proven effective for acute pain in various surgical procedures, such as the treatment of burns, childbirth, bone marrow aspiration pain, and pain related to dental work, especially so with children.

Hypnotherapy is used in the treatment of chronic pain for conditions such as headache, backache, fibromyalgia, carcinoma-related pain, temporal mandibular disorder pain, and mixed chronic pain. In Hypnosis, Suggestion Therapy can alleviate the sensory and/or components of a patient’s pain that influence mood, feelings and mind set. When Suggestion Therapy is all that is required to resolve acute pain, only three sessions are needed.  Chronic pain conditions, however, may require a comprehensive plan using Suggestion Therapy to treat the pain symptom immediately and the use of Analytical Hypnotherapy to resolve any underlying emotional root causes for the pain so it doesn’t come back. The treatment of chronic pain normally requires twelve sessions.

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man, seeks to provide, an effective and enduring relief for pain by enlisting the cooperation of the patient’s subconscious mind.

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