Hypnotherapy to Treat Heart Disease

hypnotherapy for heart disease


The pictures in your mind affect you physically. Our goal in Hypnotherapy is to change the negative pictures of what you hold in your mind into positive ones so you are actively involved in healing yourself.


There is an emotional reason for everything we do. An adult whose childhood development was interrupted at the oral stage of their development will often crave oral satisfaction. Seen in this light you can understand why the adult who craves sweetness may have felt unloved or abandoned as a child. The adult could have replaced thumb sucking with cigarette smoking, over eating or drinking too much alcohol (which is laden with sugar).

Self Sabotage

Eating food and drink that negatively affects the body is a learned activity. Anything learned can be unlearned as soon as you consciously fully understand the reason why, then steps can be taken in therapy to change the perception you hold that contributes to your illness. The compulsion to hurt yourself physically by what you take into your body can be replaced with the desire to be kind to yourself.


Here is a link to an article explaining heart disease and in therapy you would be shown how create imagery to counteract what your negative emotions have been creating. By encouraging you to change the image you have of your heart and to deliberately focus on the healthy image you are now creating you are actively involved in your own healing. You learn to see a healthy diet in a completely new light as you start having fun saying no to all those foods that supported your negative imagery. Drinking more water can be seen as a way of clearing your arteries. Eating healthier can be seen as accelerating and promoting your stronger heart. If you sometimes feel like something sweet would taking a spoonful of honey satisfy the craving?

Mind and Body

You could see your blood vessels like canals that are now being dredged. You could take up Yoga or Pilates or just walking to support your goal of strengthening your heart and making your mind and body more flexible. A flexible body with a strong core reflects a flexible, strong mind free of internal conflict and pressure.


Finding joy in everything you do is the key to success and that is why hypnosis is used to fully engage your powerful imagination to deliberately create joyful imagery of your new food and drink and learning how to crave good healthy food and drink. Every image you create in your head which you associate with joy and happiness impacts your body positively.


You can choose to see your physical condition now as an opportunity to turn everything around and a source of pride and joy in the limitless capability of your powerful mind to create what you desire.


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