Hypnotherapy to Resolve Childhood Trauma


Trauma occurs when children are exposed to events or situations that overwhelm their ability to cope with what they have just experienced. 

What is traumatic to one child may not necessarily have the same impact on another child. 

Similarly, what adults may perceive as traumatic may be very different from what a child perceives as traumatic. 

For example, a parent may believe a hurricane that destroyed their home is most traumatic; however, a young child in the same family may be most upset by losing his cat who ran away during the storm. 

For this reason, it is critical to attempt to understand the unique meaning of children’s experiences and this is where Hypnotherapy is an invaluable tool.

Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse may become worse after a traumatic experience so that is why it is important to address it rather than letting it fester.

Children who had family members with mental health problems are more likely to develop mental health problems resulting from the traumatic events than individuals with family members without mental health problems.

Traumatic experiences do not simply happen to children, they happen inside their brains and bodies. Stress causes the body to release cortisol. 

Prolonged exposure to dangerously high levels of cortisol—known as toxic stress—impacts the brain’s capacity and ability to learn. 

Thus, students who are victims of trauma are at increased risk for academic failure and often under-perform or struggle in the classroom.

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