Hypnotherapy to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

hypnosis to cure fear of the dentist

hypnosis to cure fear of the dentist 

A dry mouth, a racing pulse, anxiety, and panic attacks are not feelings generally associated with a visit to the dentist but people who struggle with dental phobia experience all of these symptoms whenever a to visit the dentist is on the cards. It is a nerve-racking experience for them and the fears are so deep-rooted in their subconscious that sometimes, they choose to live with gum infections, toothache, broken teeth and pain just to avoid the dentist’s chair. Their lives are impacted by this fear and it strips them of the freedom to live a full and accomplished life.

Dental phobia doesn’t just manifest overnight, it is a condition that settles into ones’ subconscious over a period of time, years in most cases. It may be brought about by the patient’s fear of being examined; of having needles stuck in their mouth, of pain, of not being in control, of the unknown and so on. It is also likely that the patient heard some stories about how painful a dental examination may be and the idea remained in the deep recesses of their mind.

Without treatment, dental phobia gets worse over time so why wait any longer to free yourself from the condition? Since the fear stems from the subconscious, dental phobia is very treatable and can be overcome using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is very effective against anxiety and fear; it helps calm the mind and remove the irrational thoughts that trigger the fear of the dentist. Hypnotherapy offers more than just a way to reduce anxiety/treat dental phobia, it also helps lower blood pressure; lessen bleeding and speed up recovery time—and all of these are essential to a speedy recovery after dental treatment.

At the Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic here in Peel, Isle of Man, we use hypnotherapy to empower people to overcome their fear of the dentist. Not just that, we also train them on how to leverage the power of the subconscious, using it to minimise pain and hasten recovery. The procedure is completely natural, without any of the side effects associated with prescribed medication. The only thing you have to do is to show up for your hypnotherapy.

If you are one of the millions of people worldwide that struggle with dental phobia, why not book a free initial consultation with Mary Nathan at the Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic. Mary is an expert in treating phobias i.e. treating people with irrational fears e.g. fear of needles/injections; of public speaking, of flying, of sailing, of spiders, of heights, of enclosed spaces, blood and so on—using hypnotherapy.

During this free consultation, Mary will explain the processes involved, answer all of your questions and remove any doubts you may have about hypnotherapy and how hypnosis works. At the end of your treatment, your fear of dentists and anxiety will be a thing of the past.

To book a free consultation visit: www.manxhypnosis.com

For people living outside the Isle of Man, you too can avail of Mary’s Therapy via Skype.

You can also contact Mary via Faceboo


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