Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers Available from Setanta Clinic, Peel, Isle of Man

Gift Vouchers now available in several packages.

Stop Smoking Voucher:

This comprises of three sessions of Personalised Hypnotherapy and a Personalised CD. Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic has had wonderful success with its Stop Smoking Programme because each client is treated as an individual and their particular habits and associations to smoking are dealt with to enable the client to become a permanent non-smoker.

De-Stress Session:

This is one hour long session where the client is taught self hypnosis (a tool for life) and then enjoys a relaxation of mind and body, leaving all worries and anxieties behind.

Weight Loss Programme:

After careful research into Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and happy with the results, we are excited to announce that Mary will be offering a five session course of Weight Loss using Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. (Gastric Band Hypnotherapy will only be offered to clients presenting with no emotional symptoms. If during the preliminary assessment we find that there is an emotional root cause for the condition we would employ Weight Loss Analytical Hypnotherapy is used for clients with an emotional root cause to their weight problem)

All vouchers can be obtained

  • by calling at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic by prior arrangement
  • by emailing Mary at setantahypnotherapy@gmail.com
  • by calling Mary on Tel: 842938.

Cost for each voucher will be given on inquiry.

Setanta Clinic Hypnotherapy Audio Gifts

Hyponosis Audio Downloads Tilted 1eOur Hypnotherapy Audio Recordings are  available from our Setanta Clinic Shop Page and if you would like any of the recordings to be sent as a gift in CD form then please let us know and we can do this for you.



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