Hypnotherapy for Women

Hypnosis for Women
Hypnosis for Women
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Hypnotherapy for Women’s issues

There are many stages women experience throughout their life span, some women sail through each stage from puberty to menopause without the slightest discomfort … embracing changes in their bodies at puberty, enjoying full active sexual lives as they mature into young women, experiencing pregnancy and childbirth and all the stages connected with birthing and then continuing their sexual lives until menopause and beyond.

Other women, however, have different experiences and may go through awful physical and emotional upheaval in one or several stages not knowing that there is help available to alleviate the symptoms.


Pre-Menstrual Tension

Let me discuss firstly PMT and the symptoms involved.  Needless to say the symptoms are not always the same for every woman and indeed they may even vary from month to month for the sufferer.  The physical symptoms may include headache, tummy cramp, backache, hot flashes, fatigue, tenderness in the breasts, and weight gain. Alongside these physical symptoms are the emotional symptoms.  Moods can be so changeable that she may seem like a completely different person.  Irritability, anxiety, stress, sadness and depression are some of the emotional symptoms that women suffer from, sometimes from one or two of the aforementioned, sometimes from all!  These symptoms have an adverse effect on your life, family, employment and social life.

PMT and Hypnotherapy

Needless to say a visit to your GP is advised to rule out any other physical cause, and along with your doctor’s recommendations Hypnotherapy allows you to take control of your emotions because your mind is the control centre of your body. Hypnosis and the practise of self-hypnosis help you to use your own mind to minimise or even banish aches and pains associated with PMT allowing you to get on with life without discomfort.


This is a sexual problem where sex is painful or impossible due to intense involuntary muscular contractions.  This condition occurs when the vagina is unable to relax; it is a reflex action like when you blink if something comes close to your eyes.

For some women the condition is severe prohibiting them from having sexual intercourse or even being examined medically. Some women may have had enjoyed years of pain free intercourse and vaginisimus occurs later in life.

However once vaginismus has been experienced it is a cycle which tends to recur as the vagina muscles automatically tighten due to the expectation of pain.  The experience of pain reinforces the fear of pain so this begins a cycle and a pattern emerges.

Hypnotherapy and Vaginimus

Because vaginisimus is involuntary you cannot consciously stop it from happening. The action is controlled by the subconscious mind and cannot be overridden by the conscious mind. The most effective and permanent treatment for vaginisimus is Analytical Hypnotherapy … that is to say by finding and resolving the underlying emotional root cause of the problem to cure the symptom.

Some women already know the cause, perhaps an early sexual experience.  The trauma needs to be dealt with appropriately in order to let go of the symptoms.  Some women may have no idea of the cause but there is always one, stored away in the subconscious mind, it may be something small, something you have consciously forgotten but once you find it and deal with it you will free yourself of those symptoms which cause so much unhappiness.

Orgasmic Dysfunction in women

This condition is when a woman fails to reach orgasm even when they enjoy sex. There are two kinds of orgasmic dysfunction: Primary dysfunction when a woman has never experienced orgasm and Secondary dysfunction when she has attained orgasm in the past but currently cannot.

The causes are varied, drugs, alcohol, medical conditions which affect the nerve supply to the pelvis and hormone disorders.  Emotional problems such as sexual abuse or rape or indeed negative attitudes to sex, lack of emotional connection, boredom and also contribute to orgasmic dysfunction.

What helps? Education about sexual stimulation, healthy attitudes to sex, taking charge of one’s own sexual pleasure by asking for and guiding a partner to provide the stimulation which feels best for you, all help.  It is important to note that the more a woman focuses on achieving orgasm the more elusive it becomes.

Hypnotherapy and Orgasmic Dysfunction

For all cases of orgasmic dysfunction Analytical Hypnotherapy is advised to get to the root cause of the condition.  When a woman undergoes Psychoanalysis and finds the reason behind the condition then she can let go of the condition, making new decisions on how she now chooses to live her life.

I have written extensively on Menopause in a previous blog, please read that to find out information on how Hypnotherapy helps alleviate the most common symptoms of menopause.

Women do not have to suffer in silence for years and years. There is help available to free women to enjoy all aspects of their lives, every day, every month, and every year no matter what age.

YouTube Video Clip on the Treatment of Vaginisimus using Hypnotherapy

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