Hypnotherapy for the Work Place

Work and Stress

In this current economic climate many people find themselves working under very stressful conditions.  The number of better educated people who find themselves unemployed is rising daily so those who are lucky enough to have jobs are under tremendous pressure to stay employed, sometimes at huge physical and mental cost.

Most jobs offer further training and education and encourage employees to rise within the company.  Many have to regularly make presentations in front of colleagues and business associates. Sometimes employees have to fly and have a flying phobia, all of these situations can add stress and anxiety. Many people think nothing of working 10 hour days and their work life often eats into their weekends, leaving them mentally tuned into work for long periods of time and leaving them absent mentally during family time.

Of course, people cannot give up work or even refuse to take on board further training but what they can do is when they are at work perform to their full potential and when they come home they switch off completely.  Separation between work and home life is paramount for mental and physical health.

Hypnotherapy can and has helped relieve stress, handle anxiety, rid phobias, confidently hold presentations and allow each employee to perform better at work and live life to the full with their families.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

To deal with anxiety or stress you learn relaxation techniques to let go of muscle tension and arousal in the body. Self-hypnosis is taught to each client to deepen those feelings of relaxation ad confidence.  The client practises self-hypnosis daily which trains the mind and body to remain calm and relaxed in what were stressful situations in the past.

During sessions the client looks at the negative thoughts that are currently felt and these are corrected both in and out of hypnosis.

Each client is given a Personalised CD complete with positive changes to listen to each night and this reinforces the work carried out in the clinic.  The normally stressful situations are rehearsed with new feelings and pictures of client, looking poised and confident, feeling relaxed and calm and in control.

How many Sessions?

The first session is information gathering, during which all of the feelings and symptoms are looked at, changes the client wishes to make are addressed and self-hypnosis is taught.

The second session is Suggestion Therapy, during which the client is completely relaxed, the suggestions s/he has asked for are given and the client leaves feeling calm and confident.  Each client leaves this session with their own Personalised CD which has been made during the previous week.

The third session looks at changes achieved since the beginning of therapy and a booster confidence and relaxation to ensure that the positive changes are permanent rather than a temporary fix.

Following is a video that shows how stress lowers a person’s tolerance threshold:


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