Hypnotherapy for the Menopause

What is the Menopause?

The menopause occurs when a woman finishes menstruation, this happens because of the natural decline in testosterone levels in the body. This decline is in fact age related and begins in our twenties. The average age that the menopause happens to women is 52 but of course many women begin earlier and some later.  Many factors influence this: diet and general health being just two.

During the menopause ovulation ends, that is to say egg production, so periods stop. During the menopause women may suffer physical and/or emotional symptoms due to the change in hormone levels.  Some of the symptoms may include hot flushes and night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, urinary infections and vaginal discomfort.

It is encouraging to note that only about 10% of women require HRT, hormone replacement therapy, which is the common medical treatment.  However, more and more women are seeking complementary therapies such as Hypnotherapy to alleviate the symptoms.  Hypnosis had been beneficial to menopausal women because there is a fundamental strong link between mind and body in relation to so many physical conditions, the menopause being one of these.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works both on a conscious and subconscious level.  On the conscious level each woman working with her Hypnotherapist will address not only the physical symptoms but the emotional symptoms she suffers pertaining to the menopause.  If you have severe hot flushes you are most likely fixated on these and the more you worry about these happening the more energy you give them. This may lead to you suffering even more!

The aim of hypnotherapy is to relax both mind and body, to ascertain the physical and emotional symptoms and in dealing  with these both at the conscious and subconscious level you minimise the symptoms giving you freedom to live life to the full.

As you already may know hypnosis is a state of relaxation and the more a woman is relaxed about her symptoms the less she suffers.  With hypnotherapy the client can learn to alleviate symptoms by learning to manage their discomfort to such a degree that it is no longer experienced.  By being able to cope with the menopause you are learning to let go off negative thoughts and feelings about this period of your life.

Many people use hypnotherapy for pain management and likewise hypnotherapy helps discomfort during menopause.  The intensity and frequency may be reduced dramatically by using techniques learned during hypnotherapy.  By using positive suggestions while under hypnosis the client can alter her perception of the menopause.  All too often women have heard harrowing stories from their mothers, aunts, older sisters and friends about the debilitating symptoms of the menopause.  Sometimes women take on these symptoms because this is what they expect to experience. However by creating positive imagery and comfortable outcomes the menopause can be experienced as a natural change in life, allowing women a greater sense of freedom and, indeed, a better lifestyle.

What happens during sessions?

During the first session I will discuss the problems you are experiencing both physical and emotional.  This fact finding session is necessary not only to alleviate those physical symptoms but also to look closely at any anxieties and worries you have about the menopause.  I find out what changes you want to make during this time in your life.  My therapy is totally personalised so each woman’s needs are completely met.  I teach you Self Hypnosis which is an invaluable tool for you to relax mind and body not only during the menopause but throughout the rest of your life.

The Second Session is a Suggestion Therapy Session.  While under hypnosis I give you your positive suggestions and before you leave I give you your personalised CD which has all the changes you choose to make on it.  This is your reinforcement therapy; I recommend this CD must be listened to for at least 90 nights , every night when you are falling asleep.  This ensures that the changes are permanent.

The third and final session takes place a week later.  During this session the client and I work together to discuss the previous week and to look at any resistance to change.  This is a most beneficial session because it ensures that the conscious and subconscious minds are fully on board to take up all of positive changes the client desires.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, totally natural method of managing the menopause.  What better gift could you give to yourself but the chance to enjoy each stage of life to the full!

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