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Over the past number of years I have worked very successfully with older people covering a range of conditions including insomnia, pain relief, depression, skin disorders, tinnitus, terminal cancer and anxiety, to mention but a few.  Some of these clients were too incapacitated to come to Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel so home visits were arranged.


First of all let me talk a little about hypnosis and who can or cannot be hypnotised.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, during hypnosis we allow our conscious mind to relax so that our subconscious mind comes forward and when this happens we can do some wonderful healing and life changing work.  There are only two types of people who cannot be hypnotised; those who are severely mentally incapacitated and those who choose not to be hypnotised.  The first type really are people who cannot respond to instructions however this may not always be the case with people who suffer age related conditions.

Success Stories

One of the oldest people I worked with was a lady in her nineties who was very deaf, had lost much of her memory and was suffering from insomnia.  This lady’s family contacted me from overseas to see if I could help her to sleep as she hadn’t slept for nine weeks.  I paid her a visit in her nursing home and although she was very deaf I saw immediately that she was exhausted and in need of help.  That first visit was strange in that it was the first time I shouted at someone to Relax!  In fact, this lady responded very well to touch and although she could not hear every word I said it was my touch on her hand and the tone of my voice which allowed her to go into hypnosis almost immediately.  The next visit saw me better prepared as I took my hypno-equipment with me including headphones so that she could easily hear every word I said.  Like all my clients this lady received her personalised CD which she listened to every night when she put her light out at 10pm.  From that night forward her routine changed, she slept for longer each night until she was sleeping five hours per night which given her age and the fact she dozed in her armchair during the day she, her family and I were very pleased with these results.

Another client I treated was for fear of choking when swallowing her tablets.  This client had to take oral medication in the form of large tablets every day at a certain time.  She called me to enquire if I could help and as with all people who are interested in our therapies I invited her in for a Free Initial Consultation.  She was very agitated and anxious about taking such large tables which could not be halved or broken into smaller pieces.  After eliciting information and explaining the therapy we embarked on a very successful course of therapy which not only alleviated the fear and anxiety but also helped her with pain management.

Sometimes older people have fears and anxiety about the approach of death and may be unable or unwilling to talk to their family about this.  Relaxation techniques are easily learned and once put into practise clients are free to enjoy the remaining time however long or short that may be.

Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Healing

I have spoken about older people who may be suffering from either emotional or physical conditions which may be greatly relieved by hypnotherapy but there are many people out there who at this stage in their lives realise that there are changes they wish to make, changes for the better allowing them to really be themselves .  For them hypnotherapy is like a new journey of discovery!    Who is this person who behaves and reacts in the same way to the same situations?  Why is this happening over and over again?  For these clients who come to our clinic we suggest Analytical Hypnotherapy and together we embark on an inner journey where I am merely the guide and the client is following their route to freedom.  You know it doesn’t matter what age freedom is achieved, even if it is only for a few months or many years the feeling of discovering the real you without conditioning or limitations from the past is wonderful.  Both Xavier and I have worked with many, many older people over the years who in their last years just want to experience and enjoy this freedom. Their self esteem and self confidence grows because they become the person they really always wanted to be.

Society Needs Your Experience And Wisdom

Older people, like younger people, have their worries and insecurities but unlike younger people they tend to be less willing to open up about these to others.  Spouses, family members and friends may have died and so loneliness may make them very isolated and vulnerable.  With the aid of hypnotherapy life can be made meaningful once again and that person who felt “passed it” can once again take their rightful place in community life.

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