Hypnotherapy for Grief and Loss

Treating Grief and Loss
Treating Grief and Loss
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Nobody escapes Loss

Nobody in this world manages to get through life without experiencing loss in some form or other, whether through death, divorce, breakdown of relationship / friendship or even perhaps a physical loss like the loss of a limb or breast.

We all respond to loss in our own unique way and often this response if not allowed full and natural expression as grief can stay with us and shape the rest of our lives.

You don’t have to wait for time to heal!

My own mother died very suddenly when I was fifteen years old and her death was a shock  so great for our family that we never fully recovered.  In those days there was very little help for the bereaved family and most people believed that the less said the better and time would heal everything. This is actually the most natural and beneficial way to deal with loss as long as the person suffering the loss is also allowed and even encouraged to grieve. This was not the case for us and in bottling up  and not fully expressing our emotions and grieving  fully we caused the subconscious to take over and bury the emotions.

Well, time did not heal the loss I felt for all those years until I eventually addressed the loss 30 years later!  I did this through the therapy I now provide at our Private Hypno-Psychotherapy Practice here in Peel, Isle of Man. Using Hypnosis to access the subconscious and psychotherapy I was afforded the opportunity to grieve fully and release all the emotions I had repressed as a child and which had plagued me all of my life.

Buried emotions are subconsciously triggered

Any overwhelming emotions buried in the subconscious lurk there and are triggered by seemingly unconnected conditions. These reactions are subconscious so we do not consciously make the association between them and the cause all those years ago. It is only by addressing the emotional root cause at the subconscious level and releasing the trapped negative emotion that we can free ourselves from the debilitating effects of loss.

For any person, adult or child, suffering loss there are skills which are so easy to learn and put into place which means that you don’t have to wait until your middle years to let go of the grief buried inside you.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

The bereaved may experience post traumatic stress disorder specially if the loss is sudden or the death was a very painful one.  At Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic Xavier and I offer Traumatic Incident Therapy which enables the client to look at the trauma and let go of the emotions trapped as a consequence of not expressing grief fully at the time of the loss.  This is a very powerful therapy that requires specialised training and has never failed to work. It is but one of the various methods we employ to ensure that no stone is left unturned and each client is given every opportunity to reclaim their happiness and equanimity.

A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is any circumstance which evokes anxiety, overwhelming sadness, fear, anger and other negative emotions.

How children cope with loss

For children suffering a loss either from death or divorce often they may hide their feelings in order to protect the parent who is left.  In an ideal world no child should have to carry that burden.  Hypnotherapy can help both children and adults to be free to express their emotions and to learn to relax, sleep better and feel in control of their lives once again.

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic’s Personalised approach for dealing with loss

Every client who comes to Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic is treated as an individual.  Each client is helped to make the changes that they themselves want to make and each is furnished with a Personalised CD to continue the therapy in the privacy of their own home long after the sessions have finished.  We offer Client Based Solution Focused Therapy and each client is an individual no matter what age.

For a Free Consultation (no obligations) call either Xavier or Mary on Tel: +44 1624 842938

For more information about us and the work we do please visit our website:  http://manxhypnosis.com/

Advice on Dealing with Grief by Mooji

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