Hypnotherapy For Children

Hypnosis for Children

What Can Be Treated?

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a very popular form of treatment for many conditions such as phobias, eating disorders, habits, and lack of self esteem, bedwetting and confidence or Stop Smoking.

In our clinic I regularly see children to help them overcome such conditions, the youngest child I have treated was 22 months and have seen all ages between that and eighteen years of age.

Initial Free Consultation

Most parents are curious when they ring up to enquire if I can help their child, some are wary of the therapy and some may even be a little sceptical.  I offer a Free Initial Consultation to parents and child so that we can meet in person in order to ascertain if Hypnotherapy is indeed the best course of action.

During this consultation the parents are free to ask any questions which I answer to allay any fears or concerns.  But, of course, the most important person at the consultation is the young person and that child must feel safe and happy to work with me.

Children are very responsive to therapy because of their active imaginations and unlike adults they have not lived with the condition for years and years.  Usually three sessions are required to address most conditions.

Session 1

The first session is what I call Information Gathering, during this consultation I get all the details of the condition, a history of the child and the condition from parent and child (depending on age) and what changes would be acceptable for the child.  Art Therapy is used to help the child express their worries, fears or habit.

From the information I receive during the first session I make a personalised CD for that child.  This CD is of benefit only to that child as it has details of the favourite characters from book, TV programme or best friends, in fact, details which are important to that particular child.

Session 2

The following session is a live Suggestion Therapy session, in which the child relaxes deeply enough to allow access to the subconscious so that suggestions for change are accepted. The personalised CD is given at the end of this session.  This CD, which contains the suggestions given during the Suggestion Therapy session, must be played at bedtime for at least ninety nights following this session.  This allows the positive suggestions to take root in the subconscious mind for spontaneous activation during daily life.

Final Session

The final session starts with a chat with child and parents to discuss any changes since the start of therapy followed by some Art Therapy and ending with a booster confidence building exercise.

Personalised Therapy

This is a rough guide to how the sessions progress but of course Hypnotherapy is a personalised therapy and may vary in structure to best suit the child.  Young people presenting with eating disorders may need to undertake more than three sessions and these will be structured to best address their condition and symptoms.

Down through the years I have worked with many, many children very successfully. We are lucky to have great support from our GPs who value the wonderful therapies we provide.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for healing and it is a gift for life.  Each client, old enough to follow my simple directions will be taught the art of self-hypnosis and this can be used in all situations which may cause anxiety or worry through school, working life and day-to-day living.

Hypnosis for Children Audio Downloads

Here is a link to our Shop where you can purchase our high quality audio recordings which can be burnt to CD or copied to iPod or MP3 players.

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