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Most of the enquiries we receive for hypnotherapy are by telephone and e-mail and most of the people who contact us find us through our advertisement in the Yellow Pages. People contact us to help them with a wide variety of conditions but until we physically meet the person it is difficult to assess their condition and prescribe the treatment that would suit them best. We also give them the choice of being treated by a male (me) or female  therapist (Mary).

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a Free Initial Consultation to everyone who seeks our help and during this meeting we listen to the client and assess whether or not we think we can help. If we feel that the person will benefit from the treatment we provide we then recommend the most suitable therapy and we discuss fees.
We normally do not discuss fees until we have met the client and though payment is an important part of the therapy we have never turned anyone away because of money issues.

Payment Method

We have always found a way that was mutually acceptable and ensured that the client valued the treatment they were paying and at the same time did not feel stressed by the financial commitment.

Most people pay by cheque after each weekly session and some even pay in advance as a symbol of their commitment.  Some people come every two weeks and others opt to pay by monthly standing order until they have paid for the sessions they have had.

Issues Surrounding Payment

Some people have a problem spending money on themselves ; the main reason being feeling  undeserving. Sometimes the issue of feeling undeserving is the biggest obstacle to a person seeking help in the first place. During the Free Initial Consultation this issue would be discussed if it emerges and the client given every opportunity to pay in a way that would make them feel deserving of the help we provide.

Young People and Payment

When young people come accompanied by their parents for our Stop Smoking therapy we suggest that the young person repays their parents for the cost of therapy.  This ensures that the young client takes responsibility  for success of his/her own therapy which is very empowering for the client.  (Those young people and their parents can come to whatever financial arrangement they choose. ) For other therapies we believe that the child deserves to have the cost covered by the parents.

Bottom Line

We, at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, try to ensure that money is not a reason for not undertaking therapy but it too can be used as a tool to develop self worth and confidence.

In this day and age people are finding themselves under increasing stress and hypnotherapy is no longer a luxury but fast becoming a necessity. Rather than  looking for ways to justify spending money on our own health and well being it is time we reassessed our priorities and start putting ourselves first. What good are we to ourselves, our families and the world if we are suffering and unhappy?

Hypnosis for Life

Following is a five minutes long video that we have created to explain hypnosis and its uses in healing. Any condition created by the mind can be healed by the mind.


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