Hypnotherapy as Antivirus for the Mind

Hypnosis as a mind anti-virus
Hypnosis as a mind anti-virus
Artwork credit to: Cameron Gray

When we come into this world we arrive with our minds set at “factory settings”. It is only after years of using the mind that we put our stamp on it, making us the individuals we perceive ourselves to be today.

When you started up your new computer from Apple, Dell or Microsoft you found it fast and clutter free. It may have lacked software you required to do specific tasks so you acquired that software and added it to to your computer. The software you added made you more efficient at doing the things you like doing and you became better at them the more you used them.

You may have made bad choices and inadvertently downloaded viruses and harmful programmes that may have compromised the security and efficiency of your machine if you hadn’t added an anti-virus program to clean your computer of viruses and harmful programs. 

Using the computer as an analogy for the mind we can better understand how thinking in a certain way can make such thinking easier to do and so creating a mindset that keeps us doing the same things more efficiently and so trapping us in a way of life that promotes such thinking. It becomes a vicious cycle. By entertaining negative self destructive thinking we harm the mind which then results in us developing bad habits and destructive behaviours. It may seem as if our minds are hijacked the way our computers are when attacked by computer viruses.

Like the computer the mind can be cleaned. It can be purged of negative self destructive thought patterns and tendencies. There are many very efficient anti-virus and malware programs which can get our computers running efficiently again without any threat to its own security. Hypnotherapy is a highly efficient anti-virus for the mind. It can be used to clean the mind of any thought viruses that prevent us from fulfilling our destiny and returning us to the state before our mind’s hard drive was corrupted.

Like the viruses that slipped past the defences of the inner mind to hijack our thinking and behaviour Hypnotherapy can be used to access the subconscious and weed out the thought viruses that corrupted it. The process only requires the cooperation of the client and trust between therapist and client born of the rapport they develop from their first meeting.

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