Hypnosis with Psychotherapy is a Remedy for Healing

Depression Relief

Because so may people associate hypnosis with entertainment and stage hypnosis some never realise the power of hypnosis for healing. Hypnosis continues to be used to great effect in the treatment of conditions created by the mind such as depression, panic attacks, sleeping problems, sexual difficulties, irritable bowel, overweight, lack of confidence, fears, phobias, post traumatic stress, and smoking.

People don’t deliberately set out to develop depression, panic attacks or sleeping problems. Nobody consciously sets out to create a weight problem or become addicted to tobacco. However these problems exist in the world and people who have these conditions feel embarrassed and even judged for having them.

People suffering from the conditions I have listed above are being controlled by programs they have stored in their subconscious. Though they consciously want to be well their subconscious does not allow it. When there is conflict between the conscious and subconscious the subconscious always wins.

People suffering from a condition they have no control over can feel helpless, ashamed and weak. Many turn to medication to alleviate the symptoms of their condition and some even can spend years taking prescribed medication to keep some handle on the symptoms. Only dealing with the symptoms is like turning off the smoke alarm in a house but not looking for the fire.

Analytical Hypnotherapy is a method of addressing the root cause of  conditions like depression, panic attack, sleeping problems, sexual difficulties, irritable bowel, overweight, lack of confidence, fears, phobias, post traumatic stress, and smoking. Analytical hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to still the conscious analytical  mind to access the subconscious and psychotherapy to help the sufferer understand the underlying root cause and release the repressed associated emotion. This is a liberating experience for anyone experiencing the treatment and ultimately restores balance and health because the power of choice is restored. While suffering from depression or smoking cigarettes people feel like slaves to their conditions. They have been robbed of the power to choose and as a consequence are unable to stick by decisions they make consciously.  Analytical Hypnotherapy restores their power of choice and gives them back their freedom. The result is a balanced life again.

Analytical Hypnotherapy is a process or  journey within to understand who you are and why you feel the way you do. The thoughts we dwell upon affect our feelings. If you keep thinking sad thoughts you will eventually feel sad and by the same token if you keep thinking happy thoughts you will eventually feel happy. This all sounds very simple but it isn’t if you  feel you don’t have the power to choose your thoughts or if you don’t even know that you have the power to choose what to think. People who are in a state of depression are constantly dwelling on thoughts that pull their feelings down. They feel down all of the time and the depressed feeling causes them to think even more depressing thoughts which creates a cycle that can only be broken when they reclaim their power of choice.

We tend to appreciate what we have when we lose it so a person in the grip of depression realises this only too well. Free will is the freedom to choose whatever you want to think but in a state of depression you are a prisoner of your feelings and you do not have the freedom to choose your thoughts. For people  to regain their freedom or free will they must let go of the feelings they keep captive in their hearts. During Analytical Hypnotherapy it is inevitable that emotion be released and this can be in the form of tears,  laughter or a sigh. Everyone is different and each person releases emotion in their own way during therapy. The feeling they report is always positive and liberating.

Once a person uncovers the underlying emotional root cause of the condition, understands it and releases the it they can’t imagine how they could ever have been other than balanced and happy. It is like they had experienced a bad dream that feels like a distant memory.I am sometimes asked at the beginning of therapy by a client if the condition will come back. I always answer if they were to burn a match can they ever get it back? Analytical Hypnotherapy  is a natural, ethical approach to healing conditions created by the mind and our success rate reflects that this holistic approach though it may take longer works and is lasting.

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