Hypnosis to Subvert the Subconscious Urge to Smoke

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking
Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking
Quit Smoking using the Power of your Subconscious.

There was once a time when it was fashionable to smoke. People who hated smoking persevered in order to fit in. Smoking is no longer fashionable and nowadays people who love smoking want to stop.

Many people started smoking due to peer pressure so as to be part of the group. Smoking made them feel older and gave them that feeling of confidence they associated with their heroes.

Cigarettes are now viewed as dirty and nicotine as a highly addictive drug. We are told that cigarettes cause cancer and it is blamed for a variety of life threatening diseases especially heart related. But there are many who die from such diseases who never smoked a cigarette.

Cigarettes like money are not evil nor can they harm anyone. It is the power that people give to cigarettes that cause the harm. It is our beliefs about cigarettes that cause the life threatening diseases. Without the necessary negative thought patterns of a smoker the cigarette has as much power to give someone heart disease as a person who eats chocolate.

People who smoke cigarettes in order to hurt themselves will succeed. Smoking was the most popular form of self mutilation because it could be done under the guise of fashion. Now that smoking is no longer viewed by society as fashionable people are finding other ways to punish and mutilate themselves. Recreational drugs and binge drinking are now in fashion. People are still choosing to punish themselves though the weapon of choice has changed.

People who choose to stop smoking are acknowledging that they fall into the category of the self mutilator. The question then is what is the motivation for the confessed self mutilators to stop punishing themselves? They may want to replace smoking with a more socially accepted form of punishment or maybe they feel they have served their sentence and are now ready to rejoin society as a worthy member.

Hypnotherapy helps change this self-punishment by addressing the root cause of the need to punish and work through the issues which keep a smoker stuck in the cycle of negativity. Once released from this negativity, the smoker has no need to punish themselves and so can quit once and for all … without taking up another addictive habit to beat themselves with!

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